Fat shaming or truth?

Recently, with the help of social media, a post from a female comedian lead to a heated debate. She highlighted an advert from Cancer Research and claimed it was fat shaming. The advert simply stated the word obesity, with a few letters missing, and said ‘is a cause of cancer’. She very quickly laid into this and claimed it was disgusting etc etc. In a blunt way, she’s talking utter crap. Let me explain.

Firstly, it is a scientific fact that obesity CAN be a cause of cancer, even cancer doctors say this, but yet a comedian knows better? I don’t think so. I will quickly add that she is an overweight individual, and NO that’s not me criticising her or ‘fat shaming’. I wanted to add that in because I’ve always seen a pattern of overweight/obese individuals protecting other overweight/obese individuals and saying that being big is healthy. Well it’s not. Another fact.

Cancer is scary, and it can attack anyone at any time, but there are certain measures you can take that are within your control. Your weight being one, as well as smoking, drinking and drugs. It is also a scientific fact that reducing your weight (if overweight or obese) can extend your life, so why would not want to lose body fat?

Being a nutritionist and being involved in the fitness industry for a number of years now, I do understand that there are many contributing factors that can lead to obesity. Some people will be able to drop the pounds on their own with simply changing their mindset. Others need help. That might be from friends, family, gym members, or even professional help. That is still better than having years taken from you. It’s not just about the years, it’s also the quality of life. Being obese does not give you any form of quality of life. Sure, you’ll have loved ones, fun times, laughs, but what about the joint pain, out of breath, unable to walk far, unable to play with your children, unable to walk your dog, needing medication, doctor visits, hospital visits, operations, and unfortunately, bullying. It sucks that people in the world today are still pathetic enough to bully, but it happens.

Fat shaming is wrong, but it is also wrong when people try and claim being overweight/obese is actually a good thing. This woman, Sofie Hagen, got a lot of backlash for her post, but of course had some support, from other overweight individuals. This is a serious issue that the modern world faces. Those who, in a way, support being overweight or obese are simply causing the obesity issue to worsen, because those individuals will feel more and more comfortable.

While it’s true that people have the right to treat their bodies the way they see fit, they aren’t the ones who pick up all of the medical and hospital bills for the treatment needed for obesity. If the public were made to pay for all of that, I’m sure they would think twice about their current weight. The ridiculous thing is it shouldn’t even be about that, it should be about living the happiest, healthiest life possible, and that isn’t possible with obesity.

I’m sure I’ll face a little backlash of my own for these comments. However, before doing so, try and prove obesity not being unhealthy or being a cause of certain cancers.

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