Hench Nutrition ‘high protein cookie’ review

Having used, and loved, Hench Nutrition’s products for quite some time now, I was pretty excited when I was told about a protein cookie in the pipeline. Here’s my review of this product.

Let’s get straight to the point – the macro’s.

Kcal | 313
Fat | 10g
Carbs | 40.9g
of which sugars | 22g
Fibre | 0.9g
Protein | 15g

Usually a cookie is only loaded with sugar and fat, whereas these high protein cookies have sugar, complex carbs, a little fat and 15g of protein. This cookie is the ideal post-workout snack – where your muscles need a protein and sugar hit. Most people tend to have a post-workout shake (me too!) but to have a cookie after a workout is more satisfying than drinking a whey protein shake in 5 seconds.

The texture is great, it really does feel like you’re eating a sickly treat, not a 15g protein cookie.

This high protein cookie is a fantastic addition to the already great range of products that Hench Nutrition have to offer.

Lastly, the price. For a box of 6 cookies, you only have to pay £4.99. What a bargain! 83p per cookie, each containing 15g of protein, I highly recommend these!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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