A different reason for not skipping leg day

Leg day is not the best of workouts for many lifters, but it’s one they know deep down they should be doing. The biggest side effect of skipping leg day is having what’s known as ‘chicken legs’. That should be enough of a reason to never skip leg day and build a strong set of wheels. However, if you’re still not motivated to get on the leg press, then this might help.

A study from Kings College London has shown a link between mental ability and powerful legs.

By building your lower body, this study has shown that it can also help you to keep mentally sharp – something that can naturally deteriorate over time. Training your legs can release large amounts of body-building growth hormone, which can help the mind too. So even if you need to force yourself, or have someone to do the forcing, get on the leg press and squat rack and build lower body power. You’ll look better in shorts, you’ll feel better and your mind will stay in shape too!

Everyone has different reasons for going in the gym, but you shouldn’t be building an imbalanced physique. By neglecting your legs, you won’t only look bad, but you’ll be risking injury too. Having too much weight above your waist can cause back pain, hip pain, knee and ankle pain. It’s easy to be tempted to only stick to the ‘beach muscles’ (top half of your body), but you’ll be surprised at the benefits of building leg strength and size.

Train hard, but train smart.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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