Vitamin D3 Review

Vitamin D is the one vitamin that is being spoken about more and more, but still is one of the most underused. Vitamin D is often referred to as the 'sunshine vitamin', as you do 'get it' from the sun. However, unless you are in the sunshine regularly, it's hard to get enough, which means a lot of people will be deficient in vitamin D. Going in the sun and burning yourself red raw, is not the way to go about obtaining vitamin D. Also, slapping on a ton of factor 50 sunscreen every time you walk into a big of sunlight, will hinder your absorption of this vital vitamin.

Many people who live in countries with average or little sunshine, and work indoors, will most likely be deficient, which in turn can cause problems. The most important functions of vitamin D are - regulating absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and helping to keep your immune system in check. Vitamin D is important for the growth and development of your bones as well as protecting you from harmful diseases. You can see why this is important for children. Unfortunately, with the 'scare factor' of skin cancer, many parents are going slightly overboard with sunscreen on their children. Whilst this is good, and needed, it can disrupt your body converting the sun light into vitamin D. Short periods of sun exposure with lower sunscreen is perfectly safe, and will allow far better absorption of this vitamin.

It's very hard to get enough vitamin D in countries with less sun, if you work indoors, and it's also hard to get enough through your diet. This is where a vitamin D supplement comes in very handy! I myself have had a few issues with the sun over the past few years, so I have been using a supplement. The one in particular that I've been using for the past year is 'Simply Supplements' Vitamin D3 2000iu'. As I usually mention in supplement review posts, it is hard to tell if one particular supplement is working, but knowing how I have felt in previous years with a sun related issue, I can safely say that supplementing with vitamin D has benefited me greatly.

The winter months used to be the toughest - not much sunshine, having to be careful in the sun when it's out (the uv rays), work indoors - not a good combination, and I would have definitely been deficient. In the past year, during summer months as well as the winter, I have felt 'boosted' compared to previous years. I no longer felt as sluggish, I wasn't as grumpy, as irritable, and was hardly ill. Some people might say "no way that one vitamin can do that!". My response? do your research on vitamin D and you'll realise just how important this little vitamin is!

I highly recommend Simply Supplements for vitamin D - great value and the tub will last you a long time!

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