Carbonated water VS fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks have been known to be nothing but bad news for a very long time, so why do people keep drinking them? Two reasons - 1) the flavour, and 2) the texture! some studies I've read have shown that people are more 'addicted' to the fizz rather than the taste. So how can you 'get your 'fix' of a fizzy drink, but without the unhealthy 'side effects'?

Carbonated Water!

What is carbonated water? in simple terms, fizzy water. How is that different to say, Coca Cola? well, Cola is filled with nothing but garbage, mainly a shed load of sugar! Fizzy water on the other hand is simply, fizzy water.

Fizzy water on its own isn't exactly the most tasty of drinks, but it enables you to be inventive with flavourings. Fresh lemon and lime juice can give it a refreshing, summery taste. Orange can give it a more traditional 'fizzy drink flavour' (such as Fanta). No, these drinks will not be as sweet as Cola, but they are a whole lot healthier!

Are they safe though?

Yes, they are safe. The only possible 'side effect' is if you drink far too many of them, they could cause tooth erosion, due to the carbonic acid. By drinking them with food, you can reduce the acidic effect of the drinks.But they're still, far, far better than sugary fizzy drinks!

My personal opinion? They are a far better option than traditional fizzy drinks, and will still give you that 'fizzy drink taste'. Obviously, drinks such as green tea or just water are the best options, but if you fancy something slightly different, flavoured carbonated drinks are perfectly fine.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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