SimplyBest VitaMen Plus Review

Multivitamins - one of the most common supplements on the market today. I received this one from my sponsors Simply Supplements. I have used their other multivitamin before, so I didn't know how this one wold be different, but it is, It's specifically aimed at men aged 18-50. Now I will be honest, it is pretty hard to know if any one supplement works for you, as it's not a drug, you don't get a 'hit' when you use them. However, after prolonged use (hence why I didn't do this review 5 days after using it) you will begin to notice a difference within yourself, if it works. This multivitamin is noticeably larger than the one I previously used, so my gut instinct told me "there's a lot more goodness in this one!"

First of all, let's look at the ingredients:

As you can see, it's packed full of much needed nutrients. The main benefits of this multivitamin are:

- Energy levels (from the B vitamins)
- Testosterone levels and reproductive health (High levels of zinc)
- Immune support (Vitamin C and zinc)
- Muscle growth and maintenance (l-arginine, l-carnitine, l-glutamine)
- Hair and skin (Zinc, selenium, vitamin B)

The result?

This year hasn't started so well for me - have had a number of issues that have annoyingly interrupted my workouts and have been forced to take breaks from the gym - which has caused great amounts of stress! Even with that, I can honestly say that I have felt a difference. I am nearly at the end of the pack I received, so have had quite a lot of the multivitamins now, and I've just felt better. I know that is a blunt description, but there have been a number of nights where I have had poor quality sleep, during the day I have still felt energised, more alert, and almost like I didn't notice not having enough sleep. I do like to think my diet is pretty good (being a nutritionist, it should be!) but even with that, it's still hard to get the correct levels of so many vitamins and minerals that your body needs, especially if you're more of an active individual, so a multivitamin is a must.

They aren't the smallest of tablets, but I had no issue with them. If you're looking to improve your health, or want to optimise your health (if you're an athlete/fitness enthusiast), then I highly recommend this multivitamin.

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