"Can I really get a 6-pack in a month?!"

How quickly you can reveal your 6-pack depends on a few things - what your physique is currently like, how strict you are with your diet, and how hard you train. But even with those things, is it possible? just 4 weeks?

To be honest, yes it is. If you're morbidly obese, then no, it's not, but if you're in 'average shape', then yes, it's totally possible. You have to be strict with your diet, avoiding crap such as fast food, sugary drinks, cakes, sweets and so on. You have to train your butt off and stay focused. 

Is it possible to create the worlds best abs in 4 weeks? no, not in this universe anyway! To get to the point of seeing a visible 6 pack is doable, but not everyone is prepared to put in the hard work. A 4 week transformation is only doable if you're committed to that goal, if you're going to be temped with nights out boozing and sitting in front of the sofa stuffing a Domino's watching your favourite boxset, then you haven't got a chance in hell. 

Many people out there believe that you can't do it, as it's 'not healthy'. If you're feeding your body with nutritious meals, plenty of protein, lots of veg, healthy fats, water, moderate carbs, and any beneficial supplements, then how isn't that healthy? Starving your body having 3 shakes a day, now that's not healthy! 

To achieve fast results like this, you need to push your body to it's limits (I never say beyond it's limits, as that will mean injury). You will need to be prepared with your meals, supplements (if using), getting enough quality sleep (7-9 hours) and you must be prepared to train when you really don't feel like it (you only have 4 weeks!) 

Bottom line? Yes, a 6-pack in 4 weeks is doable, is it for everyone? absolutely not - most are simply not prepared for the workload. 

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