Thursday, 29 October 2015

Take this pill and lose weight fast!!!

I bet the headline caught your attention right?

Well, sorry to disappoint, but I'm not selling or recommending a 'wonder pill' that will shed those unwanted pounds, as no such thing exists.

The reason for this post is to highlight a HUGE scam in the fitness world. I have seen so many different 'brands' that are selling a 'wonder drug' that will literally melt away fat. Is the drug real? kind of - it will be a physical product, but it's not going to be something that will transform your body. They are selling something, but I can assure you it's not what you think it is. These 'brands' also love to steal other peoples photos. One of the most common photos that I have seen used (without permission I might add) is the amazing transformation of Glenn Parker by Nick Mitchell. That says it all about these 'brands' doesn't it? They have to steal photos to promote their 'wonder pill'. People fall for it because you will always get 'x' amount of hopefuls that will be sucked into the idea of a pill that will get rid of their unwanted fat - no intense training, no consistent diet, just throw a couple of capsules down your throat everyday and watch your body transform! (sounds a little too good to be true, doesn't it....)

I do hate those 'brands' with a passion. They are nothing but con artists really, and I'm sure most of them have been created by people who do not work as a personal trainer/nutritionist/or any other health & fitness professional.

Maybe in the very distant future there will be some kind of pill/drug/procedure where you can get whatever body you want, but right now there is no such thing. There are so many of these 'brands' out there (and I'm using the ' to emphasise a little sarcasm, as they aren't brands, they are pop up con shops) that I'm sure you have come across one or more of them, but don't be tempted by them, as they are all a load of BS.

The way you transform your body is by training hard, eating healthy and being consistent - not by putting all of your hopes on a 'wonder drug' that is as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

A little bit of a rant, but I wanted to get my views across.

Lee Gregory Fitness

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Should Women Lift Weights?

A lot of women are 'afraid' of touching weights, as they think they will suddenly turn into 'The Hulk'.

Short answer - NO! women will not suddenly 'bulk up' simply because they start lifting weights.

The main reason why? men have testosterone and women have far less, and they also don't respond as quickly to weight training as men do. Training with heavier weights will enable more calories to be burned, improve your strength and will 'tighten' up your physique. In order for a woman to become 'bulky', they would have to either train 3-4 times as hard and long (which is most probably impossible unless you're a machine) or they would have to start using steroids or other 'enhancing' drugs that are out there today.

If you see any advertising for fitness magazines or supplement brands, where they show both men and women, you will often see the guy will have a ripped muscular physique, and the woman will look slim, toned, strong and athletic. That is the effect of a strong training and nutrition program with the aid of supplements. I would be extremely confident in saying that the training program will include weight training - whether it's medium weight, higher reps or bodybuilding style - high weight, high intensity.

I can understand why a lot of people would assume women will get 'bulky' if they start weight training, as they see how the men look. I remember watching a TV show on steroids, and there was an interview with a female ex competitor who said "If any woman who is huge claims she's 'clean', she's lying, it's not possible".

Women - don't be afraid of the weights! train hard, use correct form, eat healthy, and you'll have a good, toned, strong physique.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Get Up In The Morning! - It's healthy

The mornings - a time where a lot of people don't want to leave their bed, but it is actually healthy to do so. However, we're now approaching the winter, and that means many of you out there will find it even harder to get up in the morning.

I recently read an article that talked about a study to do with sleep and wake up times during the week and weekends. To cut a long detailed story short, the study concluded that it's in fact healthier and more beneficial to keep the time that you wake up consistent during the week and weekends. I know what most of you will be thinking - "what!!??". Most people will wake up at around 6-7am during the week, but then during those two precious days of the weekend, those times will turn into 10-11am (on average).

A lot of people will wake up late morning/early afternoon on Saturday and/or Sunday, simply because they're hungover from the night before. However, even those who wake up feeling fresh with no boozing the night before, will tend to wake up nearer to the 10am mark, simply because it's a weekend and they don't have to get up for school/uni/work. The main problem with doing that is your 'body clock' get's messed around and come Monday morning, you will feel shattered having to wake up early again. I guess that's one reason why people hate Monday mornings so much,

I'm not saying that you have to wake up at 6am Mon-Sun, but waking up at a more appropriate time on the weekends will actually be better for you and when the 'dreaded' Monday morning comes, you won't actually feel as tired. If your diet is 'on song' and you're not out until 3am drinking, then you will actually feel okay waking up earlier on a weekend. It's slowly becoming more popular to get up early on a Saturday or Sunday to have a workout, when most people will be 'dying' in bed with a hangover.

I myself try to keep my 'wake up times' more consistent, and to be honest, I don't actually feel that tired in the mornings. There are some times where I need a shot of Hench Nutrition's Muscle Pump to get me going, but the majority of the time I'm fine. When I have had nights out or just late nights on the weekend, Monday morning is a little bit harder to deal with, so for me, the study is right. I think it's something worth trying, but I know most people will never agree with waking up earlier on a weekend.

Lee Gregory Fitness

Friday, 2 October 2015

Cauli Rice Review - wow!

This is a product that has had a lot of talk, a lot of chatter and a lot of anticipation. It is pretty much the cauliflower version of Uncle Bens rice - sounds a little odd, but it's awesome! Each 200g packet has up to 75% less calories than white rice - 75!!

First up I am really impressed with the packaging - looks great, awesome range of colours, fonts and information. The packet feels slightly thicker than that of Uncle Bens - a plus in my book (don't want a flimsy bag).

I tried the 'Mediterranean' flavour, and to be honest? I loved it. It's very light and fluffy, the taste was rich and for those who are curious - I couldn't taste cauliflower at all! It looks and feels like couscous rather than rice, but after all, it's not rice, it's a healthier alternative. This one has 67% less calories than white rice - fantastic!

Let me show you the nutritional content (per half bag, shared a bag with my brother)

- 46 kcal
- 1.1g fat
- 5.8g carbs
- 2.5g fibre
- 4g protein
- 0.3g salt

That's pretty darn impressive!

I had the Cauli Rice with some marinated chicken and broccoli, and it was delicious. It doesn't have the same texture as rice obviously, but it went really well with the meal.

I honestly think this is a fantastic product, and I heard of the idea quiet a while ago. In fact, I was so impressed with the idea of microwavable cauliflower rice, with up to 75% less calories than white rice, that I actually invested in Cauli Rice. It was a gamble, as I didn't know how it would taste. Yes it's a great idea, but it could have tasted poor and just didn't work, but it does. I highly recommend Cauli Rice - it's an awesome, easy switch from microwavable white rice. Watch out Ben! Cauli Rice is here!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bear Grylls Lean Muscle Formula Review

I'm never someone to turn down free samples, and this time Mens Fitness gave a free sample of Bear Grylls' new protein shake - Lean Muscle Formula, chocolate flavour.

For those who don't know, Bear Grylls is one of the most well known faces of survival and outdoor adventure. He is an ex special forces solider who served with 21 SAS. He now uses skills that he has learned and perfected when facing mother nature. His two TV shows 'Man Vs Wild', and 'Born Survivor' became two of the most watched programmes on the planet.

As you can tell, he's vastly experienced and has now launched his own supplement range, which I have to say, many people are excited about!

Let's get to it...

Per serving:

- 111kcal
- 21g protein
- 4g glutamine
- 4g BCAA's
- 3g carbs
- 2g fat

That's a very good match up of nutrients - a good hit of protein, low fat and low carbs.

I had the chocolate flavour, and it was delicious - a rich chocolate taste, but slightly more 'coco-ey' than milk chocolate, but that's how I like it!

Try it for yourself

Lee Gregory Fitness