How Social Media Has Changed The Fitness World

In a strange way, social media pretty much runs the world. Think about it, if you own a company/brand then I'm sure you're on social media, if you're famous you'll be on there, if you're trying to break into an industry (modelling for example) you'll be on there, or if you're just an average person, you'll be on there. Adverts now include things such as the brands social media names/profile, and also include specific 'hashtags' that they have created. But what about the fitness industry?

It has never been so easy to find motivation and inspiration to get in shape and stay in shape. With a click of a button you can follow a motivational individual who posts pictures of their training, physique, meals, motivational posts and so on. You can have your entire 'news feed' full of motivation, and guess what? it's free!

The fact that these platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) are free to use, means that people have less and less excuses to not be motivated. My 'feeds' on Twitter and Instagram are full of athletes, sportsmen/women, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, physique competitors, and oh yes, Lewis Hamilton! (because he rules...). Everyday when I open these apps I see their latest posts, and guess what - it motivates me! Everyone can lack motivation from time to time, but when you look at inspiring individuals everyday, it's pretty hard to still feel sluggish.

There is one 'hashtag' in particular on social media that I love - '#fitfam'. It's a hashtag that brings all the fitness lovers together and you get to see a huge variety of training and diet by clicking on that one hashtag. It's a way of learning as well - seeing what others are doing can open your eyes to new methods of training and different ways of dieting. I strongly believe that social media has changed the fitness world for the better, but of course, you're always going to get 'the few' who try and ruin it for others - they are called 'trolls' (however I like to call them 'pathetic keyboard warriors'). These people spend their lives searching around on social media platforms purely to insult others, argue and annoy people. Luckily, you can block these morons and report them! (I have many times...)

Is there a downside?

Some fitness people seem to be addicted to social media - uploading every single meal and drink, videoing every single workout, taking endless selfies in the gym, does it bug me? kind of, but hey, there are far, far! worse addictions than loving the 'fit life'!

Also, as there are so many athletes, gym users, people in fantastic shape, bodybuilders, nutritionists and personal trainers on social media, I can understand if some people feel a little overwhelmed and intimidated. Try your best to use it as motivation rather than intimidation - easier said than done, but if you can, it will help you tremendously.

Whether you're new to the fitness world or experienced, social media can help you in many ways. Use the platforms for inspiration, motivation and education. The amazing thing is that you control it, it's yours, you can choose what you see every time you open the apps.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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