Hench Nutrition Oats 'N Whey Protein Flapjacks Review

Even with feeling awful all week with a stinking virus, I was unbelievably happy when the delivery man handed me my Hench Nutrition parcel! There was one main reason why I was excited - the long awaited Oats 'N Whey Protein Flapjacks!

Firstly, I think the packaging is awesome - it's clean, neat, sharp, professional and attractive. Packaging is far more important than some people think. If you make a good product, then it deserves to be marketed in the right way.

Secondly comes the flapjacks themselves. I love the clear wrapper as I got to see the bar before opening it. To me personally, I think they look very tasty, which made me rip open that wrapper to have a taste. I was like a kid munching on candy! they are delicious!  They're not too sweet, yet they're not bland either. They are pretty firm, but not 'chewey', which I loved, as some flapjacks you eat just fall apart with one bite. With a couple of bites I knew that this bar would be filling - which is what you want with a snack. There's no point having a chocolate bar if you're hungry as that will never fill you up - which leads you to eat more and more. These bars are tasty as well as healthy. Here's the nutritional breakdown:

Per 80g flapjack:

- 294 kcal
- 20g protein
- 30.2g carbs (just 6.3g sugars)
- 9.2g fat
- 2.1g fibre
- 3.5g BCAA's
- 3.3g glutamine

Let's be honest, that's pretty darn good! As you can see from the protein content and the oats, these flapjacks will fill you up and give you some slow release energy too - just what you want in a snack.

The price? They are usually £14.99 for a box of 12, but are currently on offer at £11.99 for a box of 12 - WHAT A BARGAIN!

I highly recommend these. Whether you're someone who gets really hungry in between meals, or looking for a 'top up' to your macro's for the day, these are awesome!

Use my code for a discount - HN000782 and click here to check these amazing flapjacks out for yourself!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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