The title of this post is mainly aimed at fitness, but it can also apply to your career. A lot of people will moan about the gym, moan about waking up early to workout, simply because they don't enjoy it. Of course you're going to moan if you're doing something you don't enjoy.

There are so many different ways to train and so many different ways to eat your calories, that you will be able to find something you enjoy. Chicken is one of the most popular foods in the 'fitness world', but what if you don't like it? don't eat it! There are many different other sources of protein that you can consume, so you don't have to force yourself to eat something you don't like.

Do you enjoy counting calories? if so, that's great, if not, there's other ways to manage your intake - counting portions for example. I myself have tried counting calories and counting portions, and I prefer to count portions - I simply don't enjoy counting calories, so I only do it every now and then to check I'm on the right track, but to be honest, I mainly go by how I look.

If you try and force yourself to do something that you don't like, you're either going to be miserable, or you're going to quit. As mentioned, there are so many different ways to train, so many different foods to eat, there is zero point in doing something that you don't like doing. It may take a while to find the right nutrition for you, the right training for you, and just the overall approach, but it will be worth it.

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