Should Women Lift Weights?

A lot of women are 'afraid' of touching weights, as they think they will suddenly turn into 'The Hulk'.

Short answer - NO! women will not suddenly 'bulk up' simply because they start lifting weights.

The main reason why? men have testosterone and women have far less, and they also don't respond as quickly to weight training as men do. Training with heavier weights will enable more calories to be burned, improve your strength and will 'tighten' up your physique. In order for a woman to become 'bulky', they would have to either train 3-4 times as hard and long (which is most probably impossible unless you're a machine) or they would have to start using steroids or other 'enhancing' drugs that are out there today.

If you see any advertising for fitness magazines or supplement brands, where they show both men and women, you will often see the guy will have a ripped muscular physique, and the woman will look slim, toned, strong and athletic. That is the effect of a strong training and nutrition program with the aid of supplements. I would be extremely confident in saying that the training program will include weight training - whether it's medium weight, higher reps or bodybuilding style - high weight, high intensity.

I can understand why a lot of people would assume women will get 'bulky' if they start weight training, as they see how the men look. I remember watching a TV show on steroids, and there was an interview with a female ex competitor who said "If any woman who is huge claims she's 'clean', she's lying, it's not possible".

Women - don't be afraid of the weights! train hard, use correct form, eat healthy, and you'll have a good, toned, strong physique.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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