Cauli Rice Review - wow!

This is a product that has had a lot of talk, a lot of chatter and a lot of anticipation. It is pretty much the cauliflower version of Uncle Bens rice - sounds a little odd, but it's awesome! Each 200g packet has up to 75% less calories than white rice - 75!!

First up I am really impressed with the packaging - looks great, awesome range of colours, fonts and information. The packet feels slightly thicker than that of Uncle Bens - a plus in my book (don't want a flimsy bag).

I tried the 'Mediterranean' flavour, and to be honest? I loved it. It's very light and fluffy, the taste was rich and for those who are curious - I couldn't taste cauliflower at all! It looks and feels like couscous rather than rice, but after all, it's not rice, it's a healthier alternative. This one has 67% less calories than white rice - fantastic!

Let me show you the nutritional content (per half bag, shared a bag with my brother)

- 46 kcal
- 1.1g fat
- 5.8g carbs
- 2.5g fibre
- 4g protein
- 0.3g salt

That's pretty darn impressive!

I had the Cauli Rice with some marinated chicken and broccoli, and it was delicious. It doesn't have the same texture as rice obviously, but it went really well with the meal.

I honestly think this is a fantastic product, and I heard of the idea quiet a while ago. In fact, I was so impressed with the idea of microwavable cauliflower rice, with up to 75% less calories than white rice, that I actually invested in Cauli Rice. It was a gamble, as I didn't know how it would taste. Yes it's a great idea, but it could have tasted poor and just didn't work, but it does. I highly recommend Cauli Rice - it's an awesome, easy switch from microwavable white rice. Watch out Ben! Cauli Rice is here!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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