Bear Grylls Lean Muscle Formula Review

I'm never someone to turn down free samples, and this time Mens Fitness gave a free sample of Bear Grylls' new protein shake - Lean Muscle Formula, chocolate flavour.

For those who don't know, Bear Grylls is one of the most well known faces of survival and outdoor adventure. He is an ex special forces solider who served with 21 SAS. He now uses skills that he has learned and perfected when facing mother nature. His two TV shows 'Man Vs Wild', and 'Born Survivor' became two of the most watched programmes on the planet.

As you can tell, he's vastly experienced and has now launched his own supplement range, which I have to say, many people are excited about!

Let's get to it...

Per serving:

- 111kcal
- 21g protein
- 4g glutamine
- 4g BCAA's
- 3g carbs
- 2g fat

That's a very good match up of nutrients - a good hit of protein, low fat and low carbs.

I had the chocolate flavour, and it was delicious - a rich chocolate taste, but slightly more 'coco-ey' than milk chocolate, but that's how I like it!

Try it for yourself

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