Learn When To Say No

Success is all about being willing to do what others aren't, and sometimes it's not fun, it's not enjoyable, but you have to do it.

If you take a look at some of the top physique athletes out there (people like Steve Cook, Jamie Alderton, Rob Riches) they are where they are and have the physiques they do, because of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Do they always go out with friends and drink? no. Do they always go out to restaurants eating delicious (but unhealthy) food? no. Do they skip the gym to go and do some pointless activity instead? no. It's learning when to say no that will make you succeed.

Does that make you a boring person? not at all, it makes you a dedicated individual who has priorities. You can still go out with friends, having a good time, having a drink every now and then, but you need to learn when to say no. If the people around you can't respect that and be supportive, then you don't need to be around those people. Sure, even if you have supportive friends and family, they may take the mick out of you from time to time, but it will be in good spirit.

You should always give your all and do whatever it takes - because if you don't, someone else out there will be doing more than you. You may never meet them in your entire life, but on the other hand, they could be your direct competitor.

Be dedicated, be focused, and learn when to say no.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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