Plan Your Gym Sessions, Unless You Want To Fail...

The reason for this blog post is because today I saw a 'wanderer' in the gym. I went down to my gym for a tough Monday morning workout, and saw someone who simply did not know what to do.

I'm not saying his form was bad, or performed weird exercises, because his form was okay, he just did not know what exercises to do. He would perform a set, get up, stretch out (nothing wrong there), but then he would walk around with a dazed look, trying to think of what exercise to do next. I didn't know the guy, I didn't know what his goals were, but it was a perfect example of someone not planning what they're going to train He wasted time, he went on the treadmill 3 times, it was just a very poor session.

The crazy thing is, is that this is common, many people go into the gym not knowing what the heck to do. You can do one of a few things - hire a personal trainer, ask someone who looks experienced at working out, or just do a lot of research online and follow some top trainers/athletes on YouTube and see how they train. I'm not saying everyone has to go in the gym and train like an animal, but there's no point in going in the gym and wandering around like you're lost, it's simply just a waste of time.

I was about to offer some help to him, but he went to the restroom and then left. Most people wouldn't go up to someone like that and offer help, don't know why, that's just how things are. If you see someone who clearly needs some guidance, or just a little chat about what to do, then go and help them - everyone starts at point A.

I guess the main lesson to learn, is to plan ahead. You don't have to write things down and take a clipboard into the gym, but you want to know what you're going to train when you get in the gym. Not knowing what to do will waste your time and you won't get much out of that workout.

Train hard, train smart, be prepared!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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