What Happens When You Cut Carbs

Cutting carbs is incredibly common among people wanting to lose body fat. There are many 'diet' brands out there who sell shakes/bars/diets that either cut carbs completely or cut them a fair amount. Does this lose body fat? yes, is it healthy? not really....

It all depends how much 'carb cutting' you do, and for how long.

To cut/reduce carbs for a few days or a week is okay (if you're still eating good protein and healthy fats), but to keep a low or no carb intake for a prolonged period of time is not healthy. Carbohydrates are the body's main energy source - hence why if you eat too many of them and don't use the energy, you'll gain body fat.

Having zero carbs or a very low carb intake has many 'side effects'. Yes you will lose weight (not just body fat, but muscle tissue and water), but you will also have less energy in general, could have mood swings, become irritable, your concentration could be reduced, your patience could wear out quicker, could end up annoying people, your sleep could suffer too. So as you can see, getting rid of or reducing your carb intake can really affect you.

Because many people simply think 'carbs make you fat', they are afraid of them, and cut them if they want to lose body fat. Many top trainers and nutritionists will cut their clients carb intake a little, but not completely, as they will also be training in the gym, eating better sources of carbs and more protein and healthy fats.

If you want to lose body fat, then do not cut your carbs completely or a huge amount, as it's just not the way to go. Reduce them yes, but make sure they are better sources (sweet potato for example) and you're also eating lean protein and healthy fats.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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