Simply Supplements L-Arginine 500mg review

I was given this supplement to review by Simply Supplements - having never used L-Arginine, I didn't know what to expect. L-Arginine has many benefits to the human body, including:

- being a precursor for nitric oxide (responsible for vasodilation) which is beneficial for intense exercise
- picks up free radicals
- triggers muscle cells
- aids the release of growth hormone
- removes bad cholesterol
- enhances fat metabolism
- helps regulate salt levels
- can boost the immune system

As you can see from those benefits, L-Arginine can aid both fitness goals and health goals. Everyone can benefit from L-Arginine, whether its from supplement form or through food sources. Food sources include:

- Meats
- Poultry
- Seafood
- Eggs
- Milk
- Yogurt
- Cheese
- Nuts
- Seeds
- Oats
- Wheat germ

My opinion?

It's hard to pin point the direct impact of one supplement unless you wipe out the rest of your supplements and minimise your diet. I added it to my already healthy diet and supplement routine. I can honestly say that I did notice a small increase in performance in my workouts. As it helps aid blood flow (vasodilation), my muscles received more nutrients for longer, which can help delay fatigue. Taking L-Arginine before a workout can help to create a 'pump', which can help to increase the intensity of your workouts. That's the main difference I have noticed with this supplement - I had a good 'pump' for my workouts and felt like I could do more. It's hard to determine benefits to do with the immune system in a short time, and in the summer - but I haven't had any illnesses!

I do recommend you try this product. The thing with supplements, is that they work with some people but not others. Not everyone will benefit from the same supplement. That's why any good trainers and nutritionists will recommend you to try a selection of supplements to see what works for you and what doesn't.

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Lee Gregory Fitness

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