How Fitness Promoted James Bond

James Bond has always been a character who had a certain charm, a certain 'swagger', charisma, and a way with the ladies. However, before Daniel Craig stepped up to the role, Mr Bond has never been 'in shape', or even looked like he picked a weight up at all.

It was always going to happen really - with the modern day action movies, most actors hit the gym hard. Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, and Daniel Craig, all have hit the gym before one of more of their movies. Was it needed for James Bond though? I think so. If you compare Daniel Craig's 'era' and Sean Connery's, Craig is far more active and athletic within the movies - a lot more running, climbing, jumping, fighting, and I think that's added to the whole appeal of James Bond. It also has something to do with how films are made. Modern day movies are capable of pretty much anything, whereas back in the 1970's, they were limited with what they could do, so those movies didn't have the 'demand' of the modern day ones.

I think Daniel Craig has been an amazing Bond, and the fitness side of his character has taken the James Bond character into the modern day action hero. It was a risk for the writers and directors because James Bond has never been an athletic character - he relied on his charm and charisma, and the public have always loved that. But the risk has paid off - the public responded well to the new look Bond, especially the female fans.

They kept the right balance though. If Bond returned being absolutely ripped and muscular, it wouldn't have been the right look. Daniel Craig added a fair bit of muscle mass, but he didn't shred the fat, just reduced it. It's a similar look to real life elite soldiers. Many people think the elite would be muscular and ripped, but they actually aren't, and the good military movies keep that balance too. Whoever replaces Craig to be the new James Bond has some rather big shoes to fill, and I hope they keep it on trend and have the new Bond in shape too.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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