Get In Shape! with a routine...

One thing that I always try and get through to my clients, is to have a routine. Knowing what you're doing and when can dramatically reduce your stress and give a boost to your fitness results.

I've been called boring in the past by friends, simply because I have my routine and don't like straying from it. I can understand why they have called me that, but I know I'm not boring, I simply like to be 'in the know' for my day to day life.

So many people waste so much time each and every day because they don't know what they're wearing in the morning, what train to catch, what to have for lunch, what to have for dinner, do they go out that night or stay in, when to eat their meals, where they are eating their meals, what time to go to bed, the list goes on and on. If you add up all of those little 'delays' throughout the day, you'll find out that you genuinely waste a lot of time - time that could have been spent on worthwhile things - fitness, work or personal related goals.

I remember watching a video from Jamie Alderton, and he said that if you woke up 2 hours earlier everyday to get stuff done, you would gain an extra month throughout the course of a year. WOW! I'm still shocked by that, an extra month? really? think what you could do with an extra month. However, so many people will moan about having to get up 2 hours earlier because they love their sleep too much - even though they probably struggle to wake up earlier because they go to bed so late.

Too many people say "I don't have enough time to do what I want to do" - rubbish, sorry for being blunt. Some people (a small percentage) will literally be run off their feet everyday, and genuinely won't have enough time. However, most people don't have enough time simply because they are very poor with time management. In the previous paragraph I mentioned a number of 'delays', and those are examples of why people don't have enough time to do what they want. They end up feeling like all they do is go to work, come home, have dinner, go to bed. When in fact, if they managed their time better, they would have plenty of time to relax, do any hobbies they're interested in, and have some 'me time'.

It takes effort to improve your time management, but would you honestly want to go through life wasting hours everyday? I wouldn't. Managing your time better will reduce your stress and will improve your fitness. You will know what you're eating and when, you can easily make time to train, you'll have reduced stress which will bring better results, and you'll be happier overall. I highly advise people reading this to check out Jamie Alderton, especially his YouTube channel, because he is incredibly inspiring and motivating. He has a wife and a young child, he runs a successful business, he's in the process of opening a new, bigger gym, but yet he still makes time for his family and for himself. He wakes up at 5am and goes for a power walk - crazy? no, just organised and motivated. Check out his videos and listen to what he has to say.

It's easy to just sit around and watch the days go by, but that's why taking the easy route doesn't bring success. If it was easy, everyone would be millionaires and look like cover models.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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