"Fit Shaming is the New Fat Shaming"

In a way I can't believe I'm writing this blog post, but it's something that's been in the media a lot lately.

For many years, obese/overweight people have been 'shamed' and have been called all kinds of things. I remember watching a program about plus size women, who spoke about how other people shouldn't judge them just because they're overweight. They said that everyone has the choice to look any way that they want, and that smokers cause a lot of financial damage to the country as well as obesity. The ironic thing was that those same women, who strongly disagreed with obesity discrimination and the term 'plus size', called slim women 'skinny'. What's the difference between calling someone who is obese 'plus size' (or worse...) and calling someone who is slim, skinny? Nothing.... Most people who I have spoken to about this (friends as well as other fitness professionals) have said that it most likely stems from jealousy - Overweight people who have families/lead busy lives etc, are jealous that other people in the same position are fit and healthy. That's for you to decide, but it is a fair point. Why else would they shame 'fit people'?

The truth is, obesity is a huge financial burden on the country, and the vast majority of it is what I call 'voluntary obesity' - people choosing to head in that direction. I can understand why people who are at a 'healthy weight' use certain terms when describing obese individuals - as obesity does cause a lot of issues for the country and non obese people don't like that. (but I don't think it's nice to verbally abuse anyway). What I can't understand is how overweight/obese individuals can verbally abuse 'fit people'. I have read  articles about this that have quoted comments from social media accounts of people calling those who are in shape "unhealthy", "a poor example of a working person", "she must be on steroids", "I can see her muscles, being that skinny is disgusting", the list goes on.

I don't know if this is just obese people 'hitting back' at others because of the comments they receive, or if they genuinely believe what they are saying. Being 'fit' is not unhealthy whatsoever. Being able to see someone's muscle definition does not mean that that person is skinny. Eating healthy is not starving the body. Being fit is not a poor example of a 'working person'.

I remember watching a Periscope session with Jamie Alderton, and he was trying to get a point across about having goals, having a routine, just getting the job done. He mentioned a client of his, a female who has 5 children, 5!! He said that she still does all of her food prep, goes to the gym regularly, does day to day motherly jobs, and she competes in bodybuilding competitions. How is that a poor example of a 'working person'? That's an awesome example! That shows people that it is possible to be healthy and have a family. Although I'm sure she would get 'shamed' just like many others are.

I stated at the start that I can't believe I'm doing this blog post, and I genuinely can't. What has the world come to that people who are healthy and fit are being abused? It's shocking. You should use those people as motivation and inspiration to become fit and healthy yourself, not just abuse them. You're always going to get abuse though, whether it's about weight, colour of someones skin, where people are from etc etc. If you're someone who is overweight, but wants to be fit and healthy, then use these other people who are on social media as motivation. If they can do it, you can too!

I don't agree with any abuse, but abusing those who work their butts off to live a healthier lifestyle, those people should be praised and people should be inspired.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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