Cooking Is #Trending

If you go back a few years, cooking wasn't really a 'trend', it wasn't considered a popular thing to do, but times have changed.

Prior to the financial crisis, people ate out at restaurants a lot more as their pockets were fuller. But then the crisis came along, and a lot of people were kind of forced to learn how to cook - as eating at home is cheaper. I wouldn't say that the country (England that is) is fully out of the recession, but the situation is far, far better than it was 4 or 5 years ago. The banks have repaid most, if not all, of their debts, businesses are doing better, more and more people are being employed, so overall, things are still going in a forward direction. So people are back to eating out a lot right? no, not really. Cooking has been taken to a whole new level - the TV shows, the TV channels, the books, the manufacturers of cooking equipment, kitchen designers, all have 'boomed' and cooking seems to be the 'in thing'.  Eating out is more of a 'treat' for a lot of people, and the rest of the time they cook at home.

If say, you and 5 friends wanted to go out for a meal and drinks, depending on where you go, it could very quickly get pretty costly. I think people are still in more of a 'saving mode', so they don't want to waste money, with the odd rumor circulating that another recession is 'just around the corner' (don't always believe what you read). People have found that entertaining in your own home is not only cheaper, but in some ways, far more enjoyable. It's a lot more relaxing to have dinner and drinks in the comfort of your own home (or a friends home) than it is in a noisy restaurant. There's another thing too, the satisfaction. When you cook a meal for other people, and you see them clearly enjoying it, you great great satisfaction in that - probably the most common thing you would hear from a professional chef.

Another great benefit of cooking, is that you know exactly what goes into your food. When you eat out at restaurants, even the high end ones, they tend to only focus on flavour, rather than cooking healthy, lean meals. There will be some restaurants that have healthy meals, but not all do, and it obviously depends on where you go.

My advice? Be part of the trend! Cooking is a great skill to have, not only does it save money, but it gives you a hobby, it brings people together, and it can increase your health and fitness.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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