My time in Monaco

This time last week I was in Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, unfortunately it didn't end the way I wanted it to with the mistake made by Mercedes, but moving on. The trip was a real eye opener for me, in more ways than one.

Let's get the obvious out of the way - the place is insane! the cars, the boats, the hotels, the formula 1, the atmosphere, and the money being spent. Unless you're rich, you will feel out of place, but to see all of that was tremendous.

One thing that hit me was the amount of people who were in shape. Now I didn't know who were residents of Monaco and who were tourists (apart from being able to detect the English!) but there were many people in shape. Lots of people road bikes and went for runs. I remember going to the beach on the Friday, and there were a group of guys doing a fitness routine - beach run, swim and body board. They must have done at least 10-15 laps, and it wasn't a tiny beach either.

Yes, Monaco is a place full of money, but I don't think that's the only reason why people put effort into looking good. I remember walking past all of the private and local banks, seeing extremely smartly dressed individuals - thinking "now that's people who succeed". If they take that much pride in looking good, they will feel good too, and I'm sure it reflects in their work. Being healthy, being fit, being in shape will boost your confidence right up, which will make you work that much harder, meaning you'll succeed more too.

Comparing being in the streets of Monaco, to the streets of Essex, there is no comparison. You don't have to have a 7 figure bank balance to look good. People in Essex (where I live, but I'm sure it happens in many other places) tend to copy other people with fashion and lifestyle choices. Out in Monaco, I never saw a group of women or men all dressed very similar - they all had their own styles. If someone goes for a run near where I live, people do look, almost with judgmental eyes, but in Monaco, its 'the norm' to go for a run.

One thing that I didn't see while being out there - people falling around, so drunk that they can't even walk. Alcohol consumption is something I get asked about a lot - "can I still drink even though I want to lose weight?", "If I'm going to get drunk one night, should I not eat much during the day to balance out the calories?". Out in Monaco it was just a lot more sophisticated; people drank alcohol, but they weren't falling all over the place - I guess it's just their lifestyle choices.

Going to different countries/places will always open your eyes to different ways of living, but I think many people could take a lot from Monaco. People out there earn a lot of money, have extremely expensive cars, yachts and apartments, but they choose to look after themselves, stay healthy, and enjoy their lives. Some people will say they enjoy going out getting drunk a few times a week, but in reality, it's not actually enjoyment, it's more 'the trend' that is common. Everyone can choose their own lifestyles, and that's completely fine - each to their own.

I've taken a lot from Monaco - not just the incredible experience of watching the Formula 1, seeing the beautiful super cars and the luxurious yachts, but it gave me incredible motivation. It just kept slapping me in the face - "this is what people can achieve"....

I had an incredible experience, and if you wish to see my pictures, follow me on Instagram.

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