Mayweather vs Pacquiao - The Verdict

So it's all over, the fight of the century - 36 minutes of boxing generated over $400M. Why am I writing about this? after all, I'm not a boxing journalist. I wanted to do a post because this fight showed the natural decline of fitness levels.

I've followed boxing for a long time, and every fighter eventually begins to go in decline, with regards to their fitness levels. Floyd Mayweather is renowned for his lightening reflexes, quick hands and footwork, and superb counter punching. However, those skills have been reduced slightly. Don't get me wrong, he is still very fast, but not what he used to be. He got hit from punches that he never would have in the past, he wasn't as light on his feet and his hand speed has slowed a tad.

Manny Pacquiao is a completely different fighter to Mayweather. Manny is known for his relentless pressure, his strength, quick hands and footwork, and fast combinations. Over the last few years his power and speed has dropped, which has made him vulnerable.

No matter how hard you train, you can't out-train your age. They are still top fighters, but they have both lost their edge. They have access to the best resources - nutrition, gym, supplements, trainers, equipment and so on. This can only do so much, but I do believe they have both made the best of what they have. They are both at the end of their careers, and they have been a credit to the sport of boxing. They are two tremendous athletes and I truly believe they wouldn't have got to where they have without the training and nutrition - which shows just how important they are.

With regards to the fight, I personally think the best man won. Even though Mayweather is two years older, I think Pacquiao has had a much tougher career which has taken more of a toll on his body, and that showed in the fight.

The take home message? Fitness and nutrition can prolong a sporting career in elite athletes, which means it can have huge benefits for non athletes.

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