Habits and Obesity: Are You Really Hungry?

Some people think overweight/obese people are just greedy, but in fact, to an extent, they are just habitual. Humans by nature are habitual, but when it comes to overeating, habits are dangerous.

In my experience, those who overeat don't always eat because they're hungry, they eat simply because its 'routine'. Those who eat too much, often eat because they don't know what else to do. A lot of people eat out of boredom, not because they are actually hungry. The bigger you become, the more energy your body does need in order to function at a bigger size. However, your body won't want to keep getting larger, but you will still carry on eating as it's a habit. I've come across clients who have had habits such as having "a packet of crisps at 10:30am", or "a chocolate bar straight after work". Those are bad habits - not needed, nor wanted by the body, they're just what your taste buds are used to. 

The good thing about habits, is that you can change them. People have bad habits, and people have good habits, both of which you're not born with, they are simply developed. For example, a habit of mine - In the evenings I always have my Hench Nutrition Protein Mousse, and my Drip Feed 6hr Casein Protein shake before I go to bed. That is a good habit to have, but one I got myself into. It did take a little while to simply 'do those things without thinking' - to start with I had to consciously think about doing them, whereas now I just do them when the time comes around.

If you're someone who has bad habits, you just need to realise that you can change them. Changing habits that you've had for a long time can be very hard, but the reward should be more than enough motivation - a healthier, fitter, you. With some people, it really is as 'simple' as changing your habits.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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