Can you achieve the 'perfect body'?

NO! no no no no no, you cannot, and here's why.

What's the perfect body? - there is no such thing. You'll hear women say things such as "ahh she has the perfect body!", guys will say the same about a muscular/ripped male model/athlete. Are those physiques perfect? to some people yes, and that's why there is no such thing as the perfect body - perception. 

Everyone has their own opinions on everything in life - they see things differently, smell things differently, hear sounds in different ways, feel things differently and all have different taste buds - the 5 senses. Because of this, if one female thinks Nicole Scherzinger has the 'perfect body' (it's pretty darn good!), another female won't agree - so how can Miss Scherzinger be perfect? surely perfection should be agreed by all that you can't get any better? Everyone has their own idea of 'the perfect body', some will say a 'fitness woman' who has more of a muscular physique, some will say more of a curvier figure - each to their own. 

There was a poster in the London Underground showing a female fitness model in great shape with a slogan about getting a beach body. This came under a lot of fire, with many, many women writing complaints saying it's not achievable/wrong/false advertising etc etc etc. Why? If you don't think its doable, or you don't think it's right to advertise like that, that's your opinion. Many people would have been motivated by that advertisement and that is the idea. Just because it doesn't appeal to you, doesn't mean it's wrong. For example, I don't like the Apple Watch that has just been released, but Apple are advertising it to appeal to the people who do want it - it's just advertising. 

But that just goes to show you that people like different things and interpret things in different ways. There is no such thing as the perfect physique. Go and ask Simeon Panda if he thinks his body is perfect, he will say no. 

Remember, each to their own.

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