Do fitness DVD's work ?

Nowadays the fitness market is flooded with home workout dvds, but are they actually any good? do they work? do they get the promised results?

I'm going to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of home workout dvds, and here's why. It all comes down to the customer - if the customer doesn't put the effort in, then they definitely won't get the results, so the dvd can claim to get the best results, but if the individual doesn't put the effort in, then they won't get any results. You have no personal trainer, so it's all down to you to motivate yourself for every workout. Also, a big reason why I don't like them, is that many of the dvds that have been released over the years have come under a lot of fire about their credibility. I have read articles that have claimed to have proof showing certain dvds have 'faked their results' by using a lot of photoshop, camera tricks and so on.


The great benefit of fitness dvds is that they're cheap! for £10-20 you can have a home workout plan, which is cheaper than just one personal training session. That's the main attraction - the promise of a 'beach body' for a bargain price. 

A fitness dvd can be a lot like the nutrition side of things - you need to put in the effort if you want to see results. Don't expect to use the dvd once a week and transform your body, because that won't happen. Whatever workout you do - cardio, strength, bodybuilding, sport specific, or workout dvds, you need to put in maximum effort. 

I would always opt for personal training over workout dvds, but I can totally see the attraction and why people do buy them. If you can afford it, buy a gym membership and hire a personal trainer, or just one. You'll have access to a lot of equipment and a trainer to push you past your comfort zone and motivate you. There will be a lot of  people who have used fitness dvd's and lost body fat and increased muscle mass, but there will also be many people who have bought them, used them for a while, and then thrown them out. If you're super busy with work and family, then a home workout dvd could be of benefit to you. If you give it 100% and use the dvd regularly, then you will see results, but doing it occasionally will literally be a waste of time and money. You would need to be able to motivate yourself and push yourself, as the dvd doesn't come with a personal trainer! 

You can always try a workout dvd, and if it doesn't work for you, you haven't lost much money. But a workout dvd will never, ever, beat a gym and a trainer. 

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