How To Get A Great Nights Sleep

One common issue that I hear from people to do with a lack of results with their fitness plans, is that they are always tired. Working out hard in the gym, holding down a full time job and living a healthy lifestyle does take its toll on your body, and you need to have adequate rest.

There is one main thing that I always hear and read about that affects sleep - technology. It's unbelievably common for people to watch TV, using their computer, tablet or phone before they want to go to sleep. The one issue with this is that 'screens' affect your body and causes you to have unbalanced sleep.

Everything these days seems to revolve around technology though, so how can you avoid it? In some ways you can't but in same ways you can. My biggest piece of advice is to not have a TV in your bedroom. I understand that if you live with your parents, then you're most likely going to have one in your room, so you can't get away from that really. Most people use smartphones nowadays, and they have an option to turn off your signal pretty much, so that you don't receive any texts/calls/emails/chats which can distract you from trying to sleep. So what if your best friend has to wait until the morning for your reply? it's not the end of the world. One thing that many people do actually do, is to read before bed. I have read studies that have shown reading calms the brain and can give you better and more consistent sleep. I have done that a lot lately to be honest, I decided to tuck into The Wolf Of Wall Street book by Jordan Belfort (very interesting!!!). Watching TV late at night can also strain your eyes, which is never good.

To be honest, it's about discipline - leaving your phone alone, not watching another episode of a TV show that you're streaming, and trying to relax before you go to bed.

You can't get away from technology, it's part of everyday life, but you can for 30-60 minutes before you sleep.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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