New Year resolutions update!

We're pretty much half way through January now, and I have already seen A LOT of people online who have quit their fitness resolutions, which is shocking. No wonder why a very high percentage of people never go through with them, when they quit after a couple of weeks!

I have personally stuck with mine. But what is my resolution? Well, I told myself that I wanted to start 2015 very strictly - both with diet and workouts. I have upped my workout intensity, I have been more strict with my diet, and so far I'm feeling great, my workouts are great, and my progress is better than last year. I have my goals set, and I will achieve them.

I guess those people who have already quit their fitness resolutions, never actually wanted to achieve them, they simply said them probably because their friends did too. You won't notice a major change in 14 days, except you may feel a bit better because you have cut out the garbage in your diet and pumped good food in and started to exercise.

Obviously everyone has their own priorities in life, and if socialising, drinking, holidays and shopping are yours, then you're not going to be worried about getting into shape and becoming fit and healthy. With me it's different, coming from a sporting background, it's just a part of who I am, so health and fitness will always be a top priority to me. You just have to knuckle down and decide what you really want to do, and don't just think about 'the today', think about the future too. Yes, you may love living the 'clubbing lifestyle' now, but what about when you're 30/35/40? they seem to be the ages where people start panicking about their weight and body, but it's all because of the lifestyle they lead in their younger years.

If you are still progressing with your New Year fitness resolution, then respect to you! and keep it up!

It does take effort, it does take dedication, but just remember your own personal reason(s) for doing it.

Keep up the good work!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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