Monday, 30 June 2014

Alcohol and your fitness goals

Most people know that alcohol is bad and can damage your health (if you drink a lot or regularly that is), but what can it do to your fitness goals? 

Alcohol can interfere with many functions within the body that are trying to help with your fitness goals - whether that is gaining muscle mass, losing body fat or sporting performance. The effects of alcohol can actually stay with you for days, not necessarily the drunk feeling, but the effects it has on your body. That is why many athletes refrain from drinking it whilst competing. Alcohol is absorbed very quickly (hence the 'tipsy' stage) but is metabolised very slowly, meaning the effects of it can last for quite a while. 1 gram of alcohol is 7 calories, so it is fairly dense - similar to fats. It's extremely easy to drink calories, especially alcohol. Once the 'tipsy' effect hit you, it's extremely likely that you continue to drink more, the calories soon add up. Because your body treats alcohol as a poison, it processes that first, and any food you have eaten prior to your 'drinking session' get's left behind and can actually just get stored as fat. If your body continued to digest the food first, and then the alcohol, you wouldn't feel the effects of booze as quick as you do. If you have a match/competition 1-2 days after your last drink on a night out, you may experience a few symptoms (even when you think you have got rid of that dreaded hangover):

- A decrease in strength
- Become tired quicker than usual
- Reduced coordination
- Slower reflexes
- Reduced balance
- Reduced concentration
- Quicker dehydration
- Slower recovery from previous game/workout

Those side effects of alcohol will do no good whatsoever to your sporting performance, and that is why so many athletes avoid it while training/competing.  When I used to play cricket for Essex CCC, I stopped drinking during the season (there were a few occasions when I did have a drink, but usually when I had no games or training coming up). I did feel the benefit- my training was more productive, my fitness was better, I performed better in my games, and overall I felt better. Nowadays I am concentrating purely on my fitness, body, shape and health, and I don't drink much alcohol at all. Obviously when it's Christmas, a party, or another function, I'll have a beer or something, but I don't drink regularly, I don't go out getting 'smashed', and again, I feel the benefits. Many people wake up on a Saturday and/or Sunday morning with a dreadful hangover, me? I wake up feeling great and have a good workout - a much better start to the day!

Now, am I saying you shouldn't have an alcohol drink at all? no, I am not saying that. What I am saying, is that you should be sensible. Why put all the effort in the gym, and in the kitchen, to then go and ruin it by drinking tons of alcohol? You can treat alcohol in a similar way to a cheat meal. A cheat meal shouldn't be everyday, and with some people, it's not even every week, or month! Alcohol can hit you for a few days, so if you know you are going to be having some drinks one night, my advice? kick ass in the gym leading up to it. Everyone has times where alcohol is present - Christmas, birthdays, weddings, holidays and so on. You want to stick to those kinds of events, rather than going out drinking every weekend just for the sake of it. 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Supplement - Caffeine

Welcome to Sunday Supplement!

Today I want to talk about a supplement that is extremely common, both in the fitness world and out. Most caffeine consumption will be in good old fashioned coffee - an extremely popular drink to have when you need a boost, or if you just like the taste. Caffeine can certainly help you with your fitness goals - both for muscle gain and fat loss.

Caffeine can help to boost your metabolism, which is when you body send fat stores into your blood stream to be used as energy. This is obviously a very convenient process, as it's always beneficial to get rid of excess fat! Anyone that regularly drinks coffee will tell you that it gives you a 'boost'. By having a 'boost' during your workout, you will feel more alert, more awake, like you have more energy, which will all lead to a better, harder, more focused workout. Those two benefits can really help you achieve your goals.

You can get caffeine from a few sources:

- Coffee (the obvious one, and black coffee is your best bet)
- Supplements
- Energy drinks (not your best bet)
- Tea

How much should you take?

If you have been a coffee drinker for quite a while, then you may well need a little more to feel the effects for a better workout, but if you aren't used to caffeine then a lower dose will be just fine. Trainers, nutritionists, athletes tend to recommend starting at 100mg and increasing it by 50mg per workout until you get to a level that you notice an effect, and once you do, stick to that level, don't keep increasing it. If you will be getting your caffeine intake from coffee, then you will need to check out your coffee's nutritional content to see how much caffeine is in the brand you buy, the same goes for energy drinks.

Don't consume too much caffeine though, as you could experience symptoms such as your heart racing and nausea. If you have any current medical conditions such as heart problems, then consult your doctor before trying caffeine. As long as you are sensible, caffeine is a great supplement to help boost your workouts.

Lee Gregory Fitness

Thursday, 26 June 2014

"Hollywood vitamin drip craze"

I have read and seen a lot of things within the health and fitness world, but this has to be right up there in terms of craziness! Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Ryan Philipe have all been 'patients' of this crazy health trend. It's pretty self explanatory really, its a 'health drip' - providing nutrients straight into your body.

While this may be convenient, I would never recommend this - not just because it would be very expensive, but also because drips are for when you are ill, not for everyday use. By doing this, you are more likely to neglect your diet, which if your vitamin intake dropped from food, but you increased it with this drip, then you will probably be at the same position as if you stuck to healthy eating. I don't know the above celebs's diets, I wouldn't think they are that bad, but there is such a thing as 'too much', even with vitamins. If you eat a healthy diet, getting a variety of nutrients, you don't need a drip, simple as. People who are in hospital that go on drips, need them because they are struggling - either with hydration or a lack in something, not because they think "oh, I fancy some water injected into my body, because, well....why not?"

Hollywood has come out with some crazy ttrends over the years, and this is no exception. Celebs do some crazy things to be healthy, and while they have the money to experiment with many different diets/training routines, their loyal fans (especially the crazy fanatic ones) do not have that kind of cash, but they will still try and copy them. I honestly wish there were more celebrities who were just healthy and fit by eating right and exercising regularly, instead of all these insane things they do.

I eat a very healthy diet, yes I have my cheat days every now and then, but most of the time my diet is very good. I also use supplements, and I do use a multivitamin - that is my 'boost', I don't need, nor want, a drip in my arm. Sometimes I do wonder what makes people do these crazy things, but I'm sure people will say "hey, that's Hollywood!". The only reason that this would be a good idea, was if someone was really, really sick, got admitted to hospital and found out that they are severely low in a number of vitamins.

If you have seen this latest trend, and are interested, just don't bother. Stick to eating a healthy and topping up with supplements. Don't waste your money and keep putting drips in your body. If these celebs think they don't have the time to eat during the day and maybe take a couple of supplements, then they are just crazy, plain and simple.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

can exercise REALLY be fun?

A lot of people say that exercising is boring, especially going to a gym. I personally don't share that opinion, but I can understand where people are coming from.

There are many, many different forms of exercise, not just going to a gym. To make exercise fun, you have to find a type of exercise that you enjoy. If you hate lifting weights, then you will never enjoy your workouts and look forward to working out if you are going to lift weights. However, if you enjoy riding a bike, then going to a spin class or cross country bike riding, you will enjoy yourself.

Nobody likes doing something that they don't enjoy. When I was at school, I hated French lessons, so when I could, I dropped French. It's the same with exercise. If you don't enjoy what you do, at some point you will get fed up and quit, so you may as well start by choosing something that you enjoy. A lot of people won't know what they enjoy doing, exercise wise, until they try, so to start with it will be trial and error. If you are really keen on getting results, then you will most likely have to mix things up a little bit. So, for example, if you love doing boxing training, you can do most of your sessions as boxing. But it will be beneficial to throw in a few different types of workouts - for example, weight training, body weight circuits, sprints and so on. You may not enjoy them as much as the boxing, but they are effective and you will know that most of your workouts will be the thing that you love doing. It's similar to 'leg days' with weight lifters. I see so many people moaning about leg day in the gym, but they do it because it's beneficial, and they don't do it all the time.

To those people who say working out is boring, a waste of time etc, I would say they think that because they haven't found something that they enjoy. No real workout is easy, it will take hard work and dedication, but you can enjoy things that are difficult. People who know me know that I love formula 1, and those cars are extremely difficult to drive. You couldn't take someone off the street, put them in an f1 car, and ask them to drive it around a race track (even though I'm sure most young guys would say 'easy mate!'). But the guys who race those incredible machines, love what they do, love driving those cars, but it is not easy at all. It's the same with working out, you can enjoy something that is tough.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Supplement - Omega 3's

You may have heard the term 'omega-3s', but like a lot of people, it can easily get ignored. People within the fitness industry absolutely love omega-3s, and for many good reasons! It's not just the fitness guys and girls that can benefit, everyone can!

What is omega-3? Well, for those who are interested, the crucial fatty acids are - eixosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and decosahexaenoic acid (DHA), these are the healthy fats that your body loves!  Lets get straight to it, what are the benefits?

- Can lower your risk of heart disease by reducing your blood fat (triglycerides)
- Can help reduce stiffness and joint pain
- Can lower levels of inflammation
- Helps cell development
- Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
- Helps to lower blood pressure
- Helps to improve immune system
- Aids in fat loss

So, they are some of the benefits that omega-3s can provide. There are more, but some of them haven't had enough research and seem to be just opinions of certain trainers/doctors/nutritionists.

Many people seem to think that all fats are bad, and this is when those people are wrong. These are essential to your health and you NEED them. They can benefit everyone - men, women, older people, younger people, children, fitness freaks, athletes, bodybuilders and so on. Its a great supplement to take if you don't have the time to get enough through food, and some people don't like the foods that contain them or can't eat a lot of them. Here are some food sources for omega-3s:

- Flax seeds
- Walnuts
- Salmon
- Sardines
- Shrimp
- Soybeans
- Cod

If you love the foods above, then you will be able to get a lot of omega-3s into your diet very easily, but if you're not a big fan of those foods, then I strongly recommend you take an omega-3 supplement. You don't want to miss out on the benefits and your body wants those fats!

Enjoy your Sunday, the sun is shining here, but I will be glued to my TV watching Lewis Hamilton hopefully winning the formula 1 race today!

Lee Gregory Fitness

Monday, 16 June 2014

Train like the Wolverine!

The past weekend, I didn't feel too good, whole body was aching for some reason, I think I caught a bug or something. So I did what most people do when they don't feel their best - I watched movies! Sky recently uploaded The Wolverine onto 'on demand', so I thought I would put that on. Don't worry, this isn't a movie review, but it was a quality film! But it got me thinking - what can we (fitness enthusiasts/people with fitness goals) learn from the wolverine.....

One word comes to mind - relentless. Yes, Mr Jackman has massive steel claws that shoot out of his knuckles, but the intensity, the relentlessness in the fighting scenes (yes, I know it's a film and it's not real, but just go with it...) that is what we should be like when we hit the gym. It reminded me of a certain Mike Tyson. People feared him. When Tyson was in a fight, he had immense power, and he was relentless, and that overpowered his opponents. Even when his opponents landed a few good shots, it did nothing, because he was a like a steam train.

Anyway, back to Jackman and his claws. I remember reading an interview he did with Men's Health about the training he did for that movie, and he put himself through a grueling training program. I just want to put something out there right now, Hugh Jackman is 45 years old and is in incredible shape, so to those people out there who blame their age for the lack of results, pipe down! He managed to add 10kg of new mass for The Wolverine in 2013, and he even admitted himself that he underestimated the time needed to develop the physique that he needed for the movie. He found an exercise that really helped him, and its a very popular one, but also one that many people hate doing - the deadlift. A study at McMaster University came to the conclusion that the deadlift can trigger a 100% increase in testosterone production and a tenfold boost to your human growth hormone. This really helped Jackman 'beef up' for the movie. There is a photo that I first saw getting posted around Twitter of Mr Jackman deadlifting 210kg - unreal! especially for a guy who isn't the size of Jay Cutler. Hugh Jackman really adopted 'The Wolverine's' character when he worked out - 'I pretend to be Wolverine all the time. I know when you write that it'll sound ridiculous and everyone will think I'm drunk or crazy and that I wear my claws to the gym. But when I wake up, I'm not the guy who can lift 485lb. So I think I am Wolverine lifting it. I have to get mad'. That was a quote from the interview he did with Men's Health. Even though The Wolverine is not real, Jackman took that character and used it for his training, which obviously helped him, because for a guy in his 40's, he is in awesome shape.

When I looked through a sample workout that he used for filming The Wolverine, it didn't actually surprise me. Here are some of the exercises - Deadlift, Pull up, Incline dumbbell bench, Bodyweight row, Weighted press up, Narrow chin up, Barbell bicep curl, Rope tricep pushdown, Narrow press up. Notice anything?? there are no silly exercises that you may have seen on Youtube, It's old school training at its best. I have seen some shocking exercises by so called 'fitness experts', and you know what? nothing beats old school, just ask Arnie! They are all basic exercises, using basic equipment, but its HOW you use them that's key.

So, you want to up your training? I suggest you take a page out of Hugh's book - be relentless, train like an animal!

Lee Gregory Fitness

Thursday, 12 June 2014

6 reasons why you can't stop eating

This is a quick post - I just want to share some reasons why people can't seem to stop eating (which is fairly common!)

1) You're stressed! - if you are under a lot of stress, it can cause you to overeat. A recent study showed that when we are little babies and toddlers, food is used to soothe us, and some people believe that is why we eat when we are stressed or upset in our later years.

2) You're dehydrated! - being dehydrated can lead to excess eating, because we can become easily confused whether we are hungry or thirsty, as the side effects are similar. So top up the tank with water to help lower your hunger.

3) You're skipping meals! - This is more of an obvious one. If you skip meals, at some point you are going to be starving, because your body hasn't received food when it expected to and when you need some. Skipping meals is just bad, bad, bad. Whether you are wanting to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass or just to be healthier, skipping meals ruins your 'eating pattern' and can make you 'pig out' in your next meal.

4) You're not getting enough sleep! - If you are always tired, you will respond to that by eating because you think you need energy (hence being tired). This is just a viscous circle. If you sort your sleep pattern out, your hunger will fade away, so you won't be tired all the time and won't be scoffing your face!

5) You're on a muscle building plan! - If you are training for muscle mass, your body will need extra calories in order to grow. So if you stick to an average diet during your gym plan, you will feel hungry, simply because your body is working harder to build and repair muscle tissue. That's why bodybuilders need so much food!

6) You always go for the easy option! - Having takeaways, or ready made food (chocolate bars, crisps etc) makes it so easy to overeat. Those kinds of foods are classed as 'empty calories' (no goodness in them) they don't really fill you up, so you go for another, and another, and another.... Then later down the road, it can lead to addiction. Avoid the easy option!

Lee Gregory Fitness

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Is the microwave healthy?

One extremely common appliance in the kitchen has to be the microwave. I own one, my friends own one, pretty much everyone owns one, but is it a healthy way of cooking food??

What food is mainly linked with microwaves? pre-prepared microwave meals. They aren't that healthy are they.... they are usually fatty, a fair amount of simple carbs and little (poor quality) protein. So cooking those meals in the microwave, doesn't mean microwave cooking is bad, it means those meals are bad. But you can cook all sorts in the microwave - fresh food, frozen food, even just warming something up.

Most food has its nutritional content altered when it comes into contact with heat - whether its in the microwave, boiling, in the oven or on the stove. A lot of people know that boiling veg loses some of its nutritional goodness, but as with other cooking methods and other foods, it all changes slightly. Top nutritionists and trainers advise people to cook food in glass bowls/dishes in the microwave. This is because the plastic/paper type containers that a lot of microwave food comes in, can leak unwanted chemicals into your food, which can be far worse than losing a couple of vitamins during cooking!

There are lots of ready meals and singular items that can be cooked in both the oven and the microwave. I have read many articles stating that cooking in the microwave is better because its in heat for less time - which can lead to less nutrients being lost. If you have the option for a 5 minute microwave cooking time, or 25 minute oven cooking time, not only can you eat sooner, but you you will also lose less 'goodness'. But then some people say that the way microwaves cook food isn't as good as in an oven. I haven't read that many articles from nutritionists/scientists saying that is true, so to me it is okay to use the microwave - I personally use one, but usually if I'm short for time. My honest opinion is that I prefer the taste of food after it's been cooked in an oven, but each to their own I guess.

There are many people out there that hate cooking, and just want their food 'now' - the same as having fast food. So if the only way you will eat healthier food is by using the microwave, then that is better than not at all! The microwave does provide awesome convenience, and I guess that's it's attraction.

So, I guess its up to the individual, me? I prefer the taste of oven cooked food, but the microwave is great when I'm short for time. But just watch out for the containers supermarkets put food that can be microwaved in. Also, stay away from ready-meals, they really are not good.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Help your children to lose weight

A huge problem that is going on right now is childhood obesity, but I don't see that many solutions out there. Telling your children that they're overweight isn't the best thing, and in a way it would be hypercritical because you're the one who feeds them. Children also aren't into healthy eating or fitness - they simply want to eat sweets and McDonald's. However, I think I have a solution.

If you just tell your children to eat healthy and exercise because they're overweight, they will not like that at all - they will just feel as though they are being bullied by their parents (people who are supposed to love them). I am going to share a 'tactic' that some of my clients who have overweight children have used, and are using. You want to bring the whole family into it - have a little family meeting and say that 'as a family', you're going to be eating healthier and exercising more. A great way to get this across is to emphisise you (the parents), saying that as you are getting older you need to watch what you eat and exercise regularly, and that will have a different effect on your children. Instead of being stroppy, they will realise that their parents want to be healthier and want a healthy family. So far, with clients who are using this method, its working.

The reason why I advise clients and others to use this tactic, is because if the parents are overweight themselves, they're not exactly in the position to tell their kids to lose weight, because there is a fair chance the kids will say 'why don't you??'. It is also hypercritical to tell someone else to lose weight when you are overweight yourself.

Some people may say - 'don't let your kids get overweight in the first place'. Well, that would be ideal, but you can only control what they eat inside the house. When they go to school, friends houses, go out themselves, they eat what they want. Yes, I do think the parents have to take responsibility and help the issue instead of ignoring it. If you raise your children eating healthy foods and exercising, that will become a habit. You don't have to be super strict all the time, you can let them have the odd bit of fast food and sweets, but you want the habit to be healthy food, with a little cheating on the side, rather than cheating with a bit of healthy food on the side.

If you have children who are overweight, why not give this tactic a try? your children and the rest of your family can become healthier together!

Lee Gregory Fitness

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Today I want to talk about something that is classed as a supplement on many websites, but its not a supplement like zinc or iron. What I am going to talk about is a mass gainer. This is primarily aimed at people who want to pack on size and muscle, so if you're into fat loss, then this is not for you.

One problem that I come across with clients and see over social media, is people saying they either cannot afford the food to put on size, or cannot fit the meals into their day. It is a common problem to be honest, and if you have a busy work life, you can't exactly say to your boss that your going out or going home to get something to eat so you can progress with your body transformation. This is where mass gainers are great.

Lets get down to it - what is a mass gainer? It is simply a big shake, containing carbs, protein, healthy fats, and any other ingredients you need (glutamine, bcaa's, creatine and so on).These shakes are high calorie, ranging from around 500 to 1000 calories. I have seen a couple on the market that is 1200 calories, but you need massive shaker, probably a blender to be honest!

Some people simply find it hard to put on size, there can be a number of reasons for this, but one that I have come across a lot is a super fast metabolism. So having a mass gainer shake once or twice per day can very easily add a lot of good calories into your diet and give you the nutrients you need (on top of a good, solid diet!!)

I have used mass gainers myself, and still do on and off depending on my day. They are very convenient, and there have been times where I haven't been able to have an actual meal, so having the mass gainer pretty much replaces that missed meal.

What to look out for?

Take a few minutes and look at the nutritional content, you don't want a mass gainer if the protein isn't that high (you can always ask the brand for the percentage of protein too!)/if there are way too many carbs/if the fat content is too high (and you want to check what fats are in it)/make sure the carbs are mainly complex (you don't want, for example, 80g carbs with 70g coming from sugars).

My best advice is to look at a few, don't just look at one. That way you can see what other brands offer and compare the nutrition and price of a few brands. I do recommend mass gainers, they can really benefit people who live hectic lives or find it hard to put on size, or simply find it a struggle to eat a lot of food.

As always, nutrition comes first, don't just rely on shakes!

I recommend the mass gainer from Hench Nutrition, great price, good content, super service! Use my discount code too - HNBKHM1H 

Have a great Sunday, I'm going to go relax and then watch Lewis Hamilton hopefully win the Canadian Grand Prix!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

NHS and Weight Watchers

Recently I read that the NHS has teamed up with Weight Watchers. My initial response was - 'are you for real?!'

If you have read my blog before, you should know that I'm not a fan of 'con diets', in fact I don't know any trainer/nutritionist that is a fan. Weight Watchers to me, is similar to a private equity company - they only care about their bank balance. Their whole system is just not sustainable, and doesn't really work. To start with people do seem to lose weight, but that's the same as any other fad diet out there - lose weight at the start, but doesn't continue like that. I would estimate that I have read about 40-60 'lack of' success stories from people that have used Weight Watchers. That might not seem a lot, but one person reading that many actually is. I have also read many, many, many tweets/articles/Facebook posts from trainers and nutritionists that all have the same opinion of Weight Watchers - not a very nice one...

My brother accidentally purchased a Weight Watchers meal (was short of time and put it in his basket online). When it got delivered, I checked out the nutritional content - It wasn't a very big meal at all, and it had around 14g of sugar in it - that is awful. That is roughly the same amount of sugar that you would find in a chocolate ice cream. Considering it wasn't a big meal, and was a 'ready meal', it made me wonder what else was in it. This is a company that apparently wants to help people to lose weight, and they load 14g of sugar into one of their meals??? that is ridiculous. For a fiver, I could cook a healthy, zero 'bad fat', no sugar, no sweetener, high protein meal. But yet a company the size of theirs cannot create a meal with less than 14g of sugar??

This is the company that is now teamed with the NHS. A company that I found a report showing they had a 16% success rate in the first 5 years, and I have seen numerous trainers/nutritionists/articles stating they now have around a 2% success rate (success rate as in - lose the weight and keep it off, not initial weight loss). Now, I'm sure if Someone from Weight Watchers read this they would deny it, but these people have got these figures from somewhere. I bet if you did a little investigating into Nick Mitchel and UP Fitness, I have a slight hunch that they would have a little more than a 16% success rate.... Yes, that was a little sarcastic, they will have an extremely high success rate, and they use no points, they don't create their own sugary meals, they use hard training and good nutrition.

Obesity is a huge problem in the UK (as well as other countries) but I really do not think teaming up with Weight Watchers is the way to go. I would much rather see free or subsidised gym memberships/nutrition plans/motivational meetings or anything similar. With the common result of Weight Watchers (lose a bit of weight, stop the diet, and the weight comes back on) it is pointless to give that to people for free, they will just end up back at square one. Also, it is not actually attacking the root cause. Everyone has a trigger or a reason as to why they put the weight on, that needs to be dealt with and then they need to be taught the healthy lifestyle, so once they stop receiving help, they will carry on being successful on their own.

I am surprised I have kept my cool writing this post, as this topic really annoyed me when I read it. I hope you liked it, not everyone will share my opinion, and that is perfectly okay. If you are looking to lose weight, please avoid getting 'sucked in' by this. Instead, opt for a healthy nutrition plan, a personal trainer, and someone or people to join the journey with you.

You can pick up a copy of my "Get Slim" healthy eating plan here.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Holidays and weight

This question has been put to me a fair few times now, so I wanted to do a blog post on it. Many people go on a 'crash diet' leading up to a holiday, but then let it all go when they get there. It is hard to keep a good diet on holiday as you are there to have fun, enjoy yourself, to do and experience different things and so on, but it can be done.

It does depend on where you go (cheaper resorts will have poorer quality of food, better places will have better quality), but you can still make the most of whatever situation you are in. My first tip is to always try and eat fresh food. If you are going to an island resort, they will no doubt have fresh seafood which is awesome. Tropical places will have amazing tropical fruit (one of my favourites) and you can eat plenty of that! If you are going to a place that has a different culture, why not try some of their 'home grown' food? I went to Singapore once, and ate things that I couldn't even pronounce!

I know it's tempting to eat loads of bad food and drink lots of alcohol (depending on your age and what kind of holiday you are on). But try to resist it a little bit and remember why you are on holiday - to have a break, relax, recharge your batteries and to have a good time. What is the point in spending your hard earned cash to sit by a pool, eat tons of junk and get drunk? you can do that in the UK. You just want to space things out - have a few drinks in the evening if you wish, but make sure you hydrate with lots of water throughout the day (heat and not enough water combined with booze is not a good combination).

With regards to exercise - some people will happily go for runs, bike rides, swimming etc, but that's not for everybody. How about trying some fun exercise? jet skiing, scuba diving, hiking (site seeing), canoeing, and any other activities that they have on offer. This way you are having fun, trying something new, and burning calories without realising it!

You just have to be sensible really, don't go overboard on alcohol or bad food and eat plenty of fresh fruit and food. If you spend your holiday dehydrated, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, you will feel sluggish, and that will be a waste of a holiday.

If you are having a holiday this year, try some of these tips! and have a great time!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Supplement - Glucosamine

Welcome to Sunday Supplement! 

Today I want to talk about a supplement that I actually used when I was injured, and still do. I had a minor, but very annoying, wrist injury. The cartilage was damaged and I got told by my physio that I just needed to rest, strap it up, and he recommended a glucosamine supplement. I cannot remember the dose level, but I took 4 pills every day. Obviously I don't know how much longer it would have taken to heal if I didn't use it, but I do believe it helped a lot.

So, what is glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a natural substance that is found in our joints, specifically the fluid area. The most common form of glucosamine is 'glucosamine sulfate' (it has had the most studies performed on it). It plays a vital role in building and repairing cartilage, and is very common among people with arthritis and osteoarthritis.

How can this benefit you?

Think about it, whether you are training for fat loss, muscle building or sporting performance, you are pushing your body hard. When you lift weights, you use a lot of joints, and while you are lifting for muscle growth, you can also, very easily, put a lot of strain on your joints. I know first hand just how frustrating it is to have an injury that you can't physically see or feel (mine was minor, no visible signs, and only hurt under pressure). Joint injuries are very annoying, because whatever you are training for, you don't really am to 'build up your joints'. You are either training for fat loss, muscle gain, or to increase your sporting performance. Form is paramount, but if you are using your joints a lot, I would recommend a glucosamine supplement to help with the durability of your joints, and if you pick up a little 'niggle' of an injury, your body will have a steady flow of glucosamine ready to start the healing process.

This supplement helped me out when I was injured, and it makes perfect sense - your joints go through a lot, and glucosamine helps to build and repair cartilage. Obviously in severe cases, a few pills aren't going to do the trick, you will most likely require surgery or other intensive treatment, but they can help for day to day use in the fitness world. As mentioned at the start, if you suffer from arthritis or similar forms, you may well be taking this already, but if not, have a chat with your GP and see if you could benefit from it.

Have a great end to the weekend!

Lee Gregory Fitness