You don't have to be wealthy to be healthy

This morning I read an article on the Daily Mail website about a woman, Deanne Wilson, who shops at Waitrose and M&S and spends around £30, and she's on benefits. She had to give up work due to an unfortunate diagnosis of cancer. She does what she can to ensure her and her family eat healthily and shops very wisely. This made me want to do a post about shopping on a budget - you don't have to be wealthy to eat healthy.

Every supermarket has offers, bulk buys and heavily discounted items, you just have to be smart. You can pick up some amazing deals by buying items with a best before date of that same day or the next. Supermarkets will not intentionally sell 'gone off' items (every now and then, one will get left on the shelf) so they heavily discount those items to ensure they get rid of them and still make a tiny profit. This is what Deanne does, she looks out for items that are heavily discounted because of the best before date. She says she always cooks with fresh produce, so if the item has 1 day left, that's fine because she cooks with it the same day. That's smart!

Bulk buying is another great tactic. It may well cost more to start with, but if you save a fair percentage by doing so, it's well worth doing. I personally bulk buy, mainly from Muscle Food (free gift code - LG21156), where I stock up on chicken and beef, and a few other bits. It requires a bit more effort, as I separate all of the chicken and beef into freezer bags so I can get a portion out everyday. It's much easier to buy on the day, but it will be more expensive.

Deanne Wilson is the perfect example of being able to eat healthy, buying produce from the best supermarkets, if you just put in a little time and effort. Follow these quick tips to buy healthy on a budget:

- Bulk buy when healthy foods are on offer

- Do a bit of recon! - go into supermarkets at different times to find out when their 'best before' dates are ending

- Don't try and get everything in one store - you will find great offers on different products in different stores

- Be prepared to put in some effort to prepare foods yourself - don't buy ready cooked/pre-prepared/pre sliced etc etc. Do it yourself, you'll save money and get better in the kitchen

- Make cut backs in other parts of your life to ensure you are eating healthy. Everyone can always make cut backs in certain areas.

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