Post-Christmas Detox

I have had a fair few emails lately to do with detoxing after the Christmas holiday, and I'm not surprised. Christmas only comes around once a year, and people to 'let themselves go', but obviously want to detox and start fresh for the New Year.

First thing's first, You cannot possibly clear a couple of weeks worth of alcohol and unhealthy foods in 3 days, so if you are looking at these '3 day detox' plans, don't even bother. I have seen them around, usually just a 'shake diet' consisting of vitamins and minerals and that's about it. Considering if you get drunk on say, a Friday night, the alcohol affects can last up to around 48 hours. So if you think a detox system' will clear you out after a couple of weeks worth of boozing and binge eating, then think again.

Secondly, stay away from liquid detox plans, as they are pretty useless. One thing that actually detoxifies your body is protein (amino acids), and those kind of plans contain no protein whatsoever. In simple terms, you want to go 'ultra healthy'. Stock up on fresh vegetables, lean proteins, lots of water, green tea, exercise, and that will clear you out a lot better. For your body to detoxify itself, it needs the right nutrients, not just some water with a few vitamins. Green tea is my favourite, its great for clearing your system out, I know many people who drink a few cups of it in the morning after a night out, and it works. Another great product to use is 'BCAA's'. If you have some before you go to sleep after a night of drinking, and then again in the morning, you will feel a lot better. It's the same with eating protein (depends what's easiest for you). As for after Christmas, you can still use them. Having BCAA's everyday for a little while after the holidays have passed, will really help your body to clear the junk out.

People do push the diet aside at Christmas, and I understand that, but you can undo the damage but you just have to put in a bit of effort. It's not like a couple of weeks of boozing and eating bad food will have a permanent effect on your body, but it's always best to clear the toxins out as fast as possible, you'll also feel a whole lot better, and start your New Year off in a far better state!

So, forget the 'gimic' detox plans, stick to real food, vegetables, proteins, a few supplements (green tea, bcaa's) lots of water and exercise. That's what I do, that's what a number of fellow trainers and nutritionists do, and it works for me and them. Give it a try!

I do offer a Detox nutrition guide on my website, simply click the link below:

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