Failing is okay

I always say that failing is perfectly okay, as long as you get back up and try again. It's when you don't get back up, that's when you become a failure. With health, fitness and sport, failing is always going to happen.

I remember back to when I used to play cricket for Essex County Cricket Club, I failed a lot....whether it was with batting, fielding or bowling, I failed, but I always got back up and tried again. You fail when you push yourself passed your limits. If you always stay within your limits, you will most likely not fail, but you also won't progress. I failed because I kept trying new things, learning new skills, and in order to perfect them, I failed a lot, but I kept trying and trying, and in the end I got it right.

If you want to be a professional sportsman/woman, you have to push your mind and body and learn to succeed outside of your comfort zone. This will require a lot of hard work and dedication, but most of all, it will require a huge amount of self belief that you can get back up off the floor and try again. Let's take boxing as an example. There are certain fighters out there that will only stop fighting if their team throws in the towel or they physically cannot continue. They will always get back up and keep fighting until they physically can't. That is an extremely strong and determined mind. Why do they keep getting back up after being knocked down? because they want to win! and you can't win when you're on the floor.

You can apply that to fitness. You want a good body? then you have to train hard, push your body and mind to their limits. Is building muscle hard work? you're dam right it is. Is burning fat hard work? you're dam right it is. Are there times when you feel like just hitting the showers and calling it a day? you're dam right there are. But the ones who are dedicated, the ones who will keep getting back up, they are the ones who will succeed.

So, what are you gonna do? stay knocked down, or get back up and fight?

Lee Gregory Fitness

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