Winter Weight Gain - Can You Avoid It?

One thing many people dread about the winter - gaining weight! It's natural for us humans to eat slightly different during the winter. You know what I'm talking about, the more 'stodgy foods', winter warming meals! The problem with a lot of winter recipes, is that they tend to contain a lot of calories and fat. To be honest, it's the same with animals. I have 3 (amazingly wonderful) cats, and they all gain more fur and a little bit of weight (not that much though) during the winter, and that's because of their seasonal cycles. It is similar with humans though. So, can you avoid winter weight gain??

YES! you can avoid the winter weight gain, but you have to be careful. It is super easy to gain weight over the winter - not only do you have different meals, you obviously have the two big occasions, Christmas and New Year. Unless you're someone who doesn't drink alcohol and eat foods like chocolate, then you can easily pack on more than a few pounds. I read a UK based study that claims the average person consumes more than 6,000kcal on xmas day alone! That is shocking, but at the same time, I can completely see why - booze, xmas dinner, chocolates, cakes, processed foods, party foods, it really is quite easy.

I personally think that one of the main problems about the winter weight gain is failing to prepare. When we get into November, you start to realise that Christmas is not that far away at all, so you start getting in the mood - starting your Xmas shopping, looking around for deals on food and drink, arranging any plans for Xmas or New Year and so on. That is all well and good, but then you tend to neglect yourself. You could easily gain weight during that time, because you're completely focused on Xmas and New year and sorting everything out, that you could just forget about eating healthy and exercising - therefore leading to weight gain. When Xmas does come around, you won't bother with your diet or fitness plan because you'll be thinking "It's Xmas!! I'm gonna enjoy myself now!" and your diet is even worse and you gain more weight. Then what's next? New Year! More unhealthy food, parties, booze, and yes, you guessed it, more weight gain. Finally, the New Year comes along, and you've ended up gaining a fair bit of weight, which then put's you off of starting a New Year healthy living resolution, because it seems too overwhelming. So, what do you do instead?


By eating healthy, exercising, focusing on your health leading up to Xmas, by the time the holiday comes around, you would have actually lose some fat. Then, with all of your festive plans, if you gain a bit of weight, you would still be in a better position than if you didn't bother at all. Look at it like this - If you concentrate on your nutrition and fitness leading up to Xmas, you could get 5 steps ahead, then after the festive holiday, you may well go back 3 steps, but you're still going to be 2 steps ahead! so you're in a better place. I advise my clients and friends with this strategy, and it works. Myself? I'm concentrating on my fitness and nutrition leading up to Xmas. I don't usually eat these foods, but I'm not having any chocolate, sweets, cakes or anything like that. I'm also not having any booze, which I know is a big favourite of people in todays society. If you know you're going to be having the bad food and alcohol at Xmas, surely you can wait a few weeks right?? It's really not that far away.

I hope this post helps you, it may be an obvious strategy, but many, many people don't do it. If you do try it, give it your all and it will work!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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