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My whole approach to fitness and nutrition is to keep things simple and relaxed, why? because that's what I believe works best. I am 24 years old, always been active, especially when I represented Essex CCC for a number of years, but I never plan to enter the 'bodybuilding world'. It's just not for me, but it is for many people out there. Many of you want to be 'ripped' and 'shredded', and possibly go into bodybuilding competitions. That requires a different approach to nutrition and fitness.

So, why do you have to be far more strict and disciplined to accomplish a ripped physique or to enter and win bodybuilding competitions? Because every little bit matters. Whenever you eat some fatty foods, sweets, ice cream, or drink alcohol, those are all calories that your body will not use and does not want. What good will those foods and drinks do to your body? nothing. When someone is training for a bodybuilding competition, they don't eat or drink anything that their body does not need in order to reach that muscular, shredded look that they want and need. Even if you ate one little ice cream every day, and the rest of your nutrition was 'perfect', it's not good. That could be 15g of fat and 20g of sugar everyday - which works out to be 105g of fat and 140g of sugar every single week - which then works out to be 945kcal of fat and 560kcal of sugar every week - with a grand total of an extra 1505kcal per week, which are all useless and pointless, and that's just with one ice cream per day.

Sure, you could easily burn that off with the training you do, but what's the point? why waste time burning off calories that you could easily not eat in the first place, instead of concentrating on burning excess body fat which is already there and building new muscle mass? It's a no brainer really. People always think that they can't go without certain foods or drinks because they like them too much. Yes, everyone has their 'weakness', a certain food or drink that isn't necessarily the best for you, but you absolutely love. For me it's ice cream, I do like ice cream a lot, but I know it's not good for me. Luckily however there is a healthy alternative - Wheyhey ice cream, check it out if you wish.

When striving to achieve the best results, everything matters, both in and out of the gym. During your workouts, you have to leave everything you have in that gym. There's no point in going off for a shower, still feeling like you can pump those weights. Every workout counts, every set counts, every rep counts. Your nutrition has to be structured and very strict. You need to get the right nutrients in at the right time and regularly feeding your body the nutrients it needs. You have to be willing to make sacrifices - for example, no more getting drunk on the weekend, no more waking up and having some unhealthy greasy fry up, no more lay ins until mid day where you're missing meals, the list goes on. In order to get that amazing, muscular, ripped physique, you have to give everything you've got to fitness, nutrition and your lifestyle. By being so strict, your body will adapt and it won't be long until you stop having those unhealthy cravings. After all, humans love habits, and you can learn new ones and forget old ones.

Those are my thoughts on how to have a muscular, ripped physique. It takes a lot more commitment than you might think. Me for example, I'm not 'ripped', my abs are visible, but I haven't shredded off every inch of fat, and I like to think of myself as pretty darn healthy, so that shows the lengths you have to go to.

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