My 'NutriBullet' review

I've seen this product flying around online for quite some time now, but I was hesitant to buy it straight away. That's nothing against the brand, it's just me - I never buy anything straight away, whether its the latest smartphone, tablet, games console, computer etc etc, simply because I want to see reviews first, especially if it's something costing more than £9.99! After a while I started to see some very, very, VERY good reviews of the NutriBullet. I looked them up on social media websites and was amazed at the consistent, high scoring reviews. I really, really wanted one....

Now I own one! fantastic! It was a gift from my family, and I'm very thankful. Up until receiving the NutriBullet, I have either stuck to drinks that I can shake, or getting a rather larger blender out of the cupboard. But now, the bullet is what I use! The first thing I noticed about this product is how simple it was to use. There is hardly any 'faffing around', you simply load up your ingredients, select the blades, screw together, press and watch those ingredients very quickly be turned into a delicious drink!

Being a nutritionist, this is one awesome piece of kit, it really is. I always get asked about how to get more fruit/veg into a diet when that person doesn't like the taste, well - the NutriBullet is the answer! As long as you have one or two main flavours, you can put in what you like! For example, I use my Hench Nutrition protein powder (strawberry flavour) I also add in some fresh strawberries (so that is my main flavour). I then add in a bunch of different ingredients - spinach, celery, cinnamon, green tea extract, flaxseeds, some vitacoco, some almond milk, and once they're all blended together (very quickly I might add!) it's pretty much a strawberry smoothie! BUT will a whole lot of goodness! You could do one 'health shake' a day and that could have a big impact on your health, and with the NutriBullet, it's quick, easy and convenient.

Not everyone likes to eat a lot of fruit and veg, but when you have a lot of ingredients blended together, it takes no time at all to drink. I myself love to eat, so I don't have that problem. But there are times when I'm real short for time and having the NutriBullet can give me a 'top up' of protein, carbs (by adding oats) and other nutrients to keep me fueled or for recovery.

I do highly recommend the NutriBullet, it isn't cheap, but compared against other blenders, it's actually very good value for money and far more compact, so it takes up less room on your kitchen units! So if you're keen on fitness, nutrition, being healthy, building muscle, losing weight, then I advise you to get one of these. You won't be disappointed.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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