Katie Hopkins weight gain - utterly pointless

Many of you won't have a clue who Katie Hopkins is, but she once appeared on the TV show 'The Apprentice', where she was incredibly controversial. Once out of the show, she has become even more controversial. She is insanely outspoken, she doesn't care who she hurts, doesn't care what she says, and I guess that's why the TV broadcasters have her on their shows. She can give a hell of a lot, but she can't take anything. I remember one time she was slating certain childrens names, but then when someone mentioned her child's name, she went mental. Then she decided to 'talk' about the obesity problem that we (the UK) and other countries have.....

Some of what she said was actually true (a first!) but she did (as always) take things way to far. She then came up with a 'genius' thing to do - she would gain a few stone and then lose it to prove a point that anyone can lose weight. Straight away she proved a point to me - no wonder she isn't a personal trainer, because she understands nothing. People who are slim, who know what to eat, know how to cook, know different workouts etc, can always lose weight because they know what they're doing. Some people are overweight/obese because they are simply lazy, but many are like that because something happened in their lives which triggered them to turn to food. That is what good nutritionists and personal trainers know, not what some rude, spiteful, talentless, gobby 'thing' on TV knows. (it's okay, she deserves that)

The mindset of an individual is key when it comes to losing body fat. Anyone who is motivated, who couldn't stand being overweight, who knows what they're doing, can lose weight and be healthy. But for those people who are addicted to food, who turned to food because of something bad happening in their life, who could be depressed, who could have difficult circumstances going on in their lives - it's not as easy as 'stop eating junk and exercise'. There is a reason why the best personal trainers are awesome at getting inside the mind of their clients, because that is what's needed in order to succeed. Changing habits that are years old is very tough, and not many people can do it by themselves. It's similar to an alcoholic - it's a habit, usually caused by something that happened in their life and they believe alcohol actually numbs the pain.

There are many overweight/obese people who don't earn a lot of money, and what money they do earn, they spend on bills and their family/children. They think it would be selfish to spend it on healthy food, a gym membership and a personal trainer instead of their family. In a way I can completely understand that, but in another way, being fit and healthy would make you a better parent.

Katie Hopkins doing this 'experiment' is one of the most pointless things I have seen. I don't know what she does for a living, because all I ever see is her trending on Twitter because she has abused someone on TV. If she was so good at fat loss and being healthy, she would have been a trainer or nutritionist (can you imagine that?? I don't think she would have any clients whatsoever). She knows nothing about it, but she wanted to prove a point to make herself look good. She is the perfect example of someone who knows nothing about being overweight/obese, what goes on in those peoples minds, the struggles, even the addiction, but thinks it's real simple to solve. I'm sure she has lied about this, but I would be hugely shocked if she didn't hire a good personal trainer, nutritionist, a gym membership (or built a home gym) and spent a fair amount of cash on healthy food each week. That proves nothing....It's the same as when people are shocked at a celebrity who has recently had a baby and then they 'transform' their body back to being slim and toned. They hire the best trainers, buy the best food and have a fully equipped home gym, or a membership at a top gym. If they didn't get a great body, I would be shocked.

Stick to what you know best Katie, which seems to be abusing people...

Lee Gregory Fitness

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