Be Consistent!

I wanted to do a quick weekend post about something that many people neglect - consistency! You could work out 3-4 times per week, have your protein shakes, eat a lot of meat, fish and veg, but if your 'routine' is not consistent, you won't see the results that you're after.

By 'routine', I mean your day to day life. If you regularly miss meals, eat processed foods around healthy meals, drink alcohol and generally be a little lazy, then you can't expect to have a muscular, low fat physique. I have personally come across a few guys who have spent a fair amount of money on supplements, they worked out a few times each week, but then neglected the rest of their time. Working out is just one part of achieving a good physique, whereas your lifestyle makes up the rest.

You want to get into a good routine - waking up at a similar time everyday, make sure you don't skip meals, give yourself time to cook healthy meals, organise your supplements and know when to take them, get your pre and post workout nutrition sorted and keep everything 'together'. By doing that, you're going to be able to achieve that physique you're after far easier than if you were lazy and done the bare minimum.

I personally noticed a huge difference around 2 years ago when I seriously started to kick myself into gear. I had more energy, my moods were consistent, I felt less stressed, my fitness levels improved, my strength improved, my workouts improved, and I felt overall better about myself. You can't expect to have a bit of protein and lift a few weights and become Dwayne Johnson, it's just not gonna' happen. Even if you trained hard for 1 hour per day, everyday of the week, that's only 7 hours out of 168, so that shows just how important your lifestyle is, because its the biggest part.

If you want a great body, you have to be consistent and smart.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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