The Wolf Of Wall Street and Fitness

Let me start by saying that this is not a film review, even though I think it's the best film I have ever seen - it has everything - a true story, action, immense comedy, drugs, sexual scenes (to put it politely) money, huge highs, and also the lows. I also know that the only scene relating to fitness is when Mr DiCaprio and Mr Hill take some 'lemons' (one of the strongest drugs at the time) and then begin to workout, only hoping to get the drug pumped around their bodies as fast as possible. So, what has this film got to do with fitness? well, a lot.... but it can also be interpreted into many other careers/hobbies/goals.

I've read the book, I've watched the movie, and even though Mr Belfort committed some crimes, there were a few things that hit me over and over again - Passion! Determination! Drive! Ambition! and the main one, Vision! Jordan Belfort always talks about that last word - vision. I've watched many video clips of his talks/seminars, and he always talks about that, and it's because it's true. Those who don't have a vision, will never be successful, whether it's about any hobbies, a sport, a job, a career, their physique, or anything else. Which brings me onto my main point.

Guys and girls who are in awesome shape, look the way they do because they have had passion, determination, drive, ambition, and a vision of what they want to look like. Without those things, they wouldn't have got to where they are. Some people say to me - "I want to gain a bit of muscle", "I want to lose a bit of fat". Those aren't visions or goals, they are barely ideas. those people don't have any drive, they don't know where they want to go with their bodies. On the flip side, I've also had people come to be with pictures of athletes or celebs, saying "this is what I want to look like! I want to shift my fat, tone up my arms, legs, core, back, improve my flexibility, my agility and endurance". That is a vision, that is someone who knows exactly what they want to do with their body.

There are also people who know what they're doing - the people who have been in the gym a while and know what works for them. They have a vision. They know exactly how they want to look, the size they want to be, and they know how to get there, it simply takes the effort, and they are more than determined. Those are the people who succeed in fitness. Those are the people who will get the body of their dreams.

It's extremely strange to compare fitness with Jordan Belfort and The Wolf Of Wall Street, but there's parts of his story; his personality, his way of thinking, that you can apply to many, many things, including fitness. Being someone who runs his own business, and works out, I have taken great inspiration from him and the film (not the parts to do with drugs, alcohol, the prostitutes, and of course, the crimes) and I am beginning to apply his way of thinking to my training and to my business. He created a multi-million dollar business from scratch, because he had a vision. Everyone starts from scratch with their bodies, but it's down to you to have a vision of what you want your body to look like.

Lee Gregory Fitness

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