"Celeb Diet's"

Millions of people follow celebrities every single day, sometimes for bad reasons, sometimes for good reasons. There are a lot of celebs who are very active, very fit, strong, similar to an athlete in fact, and those do tend to share their workouts and nutrition. I've read a lot of articles about celebrities who train 'normally', and by that I mean no crazy diets or crazy workouts - just healthy eating and hard work in the gym. But then you get some who decide to do some crazy workouts and 'diets'.

I've seen many different diets out there from celebs - juice diets, zero carb diets, vegetable diets, very low calorie diets, soup diets, liquid only diets, and more. What the general public don't seem to understand, is that most of the actress's/models/actors who go on a 'crazy diet', do it simply for a certain photo shoot/a movie/red carpet event/an appearance and so on. They have a short amount of time to make a big change, so you need to do something extreme. The bad side to this is that they then do an interview about their 'diet' and fitness plan and the readers then copy that. It's very common for actors to go up and down with their weight, because of certain movies requiring them to look one way or another. That style of dieting does not work in the real world, because you cannot possibly do it forever, and once you stop it you will then gain weight.

I myself follow a few celebrities, one being Dwayne Johnson, but I don't copy everything he does. He has to train in a certain way because of his busy schedule, his age (he's no 24 year old anymore! but still in great shape) but most importantly, he has clearly found a style that works for him. What works for one person, won't necessarily work for you. You can't copy someone, even Mr Johnson himself, and expect the same results. The same goes for fat loss. Just because a certain model used a juicing diet before a magazine cover shoot, doesn't mean that you can do that and be slim. Models who use short term diets will never be an 'even weight', their weight will always fluctuate, but they have the pressure on them to look a certain way with relatively short notice.

Just because the person/people you follow is your favourite celeb/s, doesn't mean that they are doing things the right way. The general public does not have deadlines for photo shoots, movies, red carpet events or anything similar, so you don't need to use a crazy diet to get in shape. Do things the right way, and you won't have to keep doing it over and over again. Eat healthy, workout, and enjoy your healthy lifestyle.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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