How to be healthy 'on the go'

I get asked this a lot to be honest - "how can I stay healthy on the go?". It's all about discipline!

You have to be prepared to actually prepare! Sure, you can eat out wherever you want, but is that healthy? most of the time no. So what can you do? you can cook meals for when you're on the road. At the moment, I don't travel that much for work, but I do have the occasional overnight stay, or sometimes a weekend, and I make sure I am prepared. It is easier now as I have the Core150 stackpack, but I still prepared my nutrition before I got that. Pre cooking your meals is a must. Having some tubs of chicken/rice/veg, or some nuts, fruit, cottage cheese etc. Make sure you put them in a food friendly bag of course, but having food like that on the go is great. Nothing easier than popping a tub of nutritious food in the microwave, or eating it cold! Having food prepared in tubs is also great if you just have a long day ahead of you, long drives or commuting to and from work.

Many people are into supplements as well, so buying storage containers for powders and pills (sounds a bit druggy....) is a must too. You need to treat your nutrition like your general packing when you go away for a short break - make sure you pack the supplements and food that you need. I myself pack my protein, bcaa's, glutamine, creatine, beta alanine, green tea extract, and then some pre cooked meals that I can microwave.

It does take a lot of effort but it is well worth it. You don't want to let your results slip a bit just because you are out of your comfort zone. Don't be lazy and prepare properly! your body will thank you later. A lot of hotels these days have gyms, and if not, then I'm sure there is a gym nearby, so you can still get your workouts in, even though you are away. At the bare minimum you can go for a run!

If you eat out at restaurants, avoid the fatty foods obviously, and stay away from many sauces and salad dressings, as they tend to be high in empty calories. Just remember, YOU are paying THEM, so you can ask to switch a few things around in your order, don't just settle for what they have on the menu. Keep the meats lean, keep the vegetables high, avoid overloading on carbs, and say no to the free bread! (a lot of restaurants serve that, and it's usually white and very poor).

There's some of my tips for being healthy on the go, just a quick post today, but have been asked that a lot recently so I thought I should do it as a blog post!

Enjoy your weekend everybody, I shall be watching the main man, Lewis Hamilton, winning in Monza!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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