Sunday Supplement

Welcome to Sunday Supplement. Today I want to talk about a supplement called Taurine.

Many people wouldn't have heard of this supplement, unless you are really into fitness, as it's not a supp that get's as much attention as others.

So, what is it? Taurine is actually an amino acid, that is mainly found in the heart and brain - shows how important it is!

Out of the fitness environment, taurine is very beneficial to people who have heart conditions, liver conditions, high cholesterol, ADHD and many more. Whilst taurine is an amino acid, it doesn't actually aid in the muscle building process, as it doesn't link with other amino acids that do repair muscle.

Taurine has 3 main benefits:

- It acts as an antioxidant
- It can help improve athletic performance
- It can help you focus

Those three functions can really benefit your fitness levels/goals. Having a good supply of antioxidants helps to keep your body 'clean' and if you can focus better, and improve your performance in training and competition, well, that's just a win-win. There have been many studies to show the effect taurine has on sporting performance, one being a cycle test. A group of men were given taurine prior to a bike ride to exhaustion, for 1 week. The results showed a significant increase in their endurance levels.

Most people do use a supplement for this, but you can find it in food such as meat and fish, and also energy drinks (but they aren't the best to have...)

As I always say with supplements, you don't know until you try. Supplements have similar effects on most people, but not everyone gets along with every supplement - what might work for one, might not work for another. It's worth a try, the benefits are great and it's not an expensive supplement.

Have a great Sunday!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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