"keep it real"

Firstly, no this isn't a post about a certain 'Ali G' and his slang, it's a post about keeping things realistic. 

So many people either have unrealistic expectations of what their body could look like and/or expect way too much too soon.

Here's an example - If you are a female, around 5ft 10/11, you will never have a body like Shakira, simply because your body is not built that way. Women like Shakira and Mila Kunis are small, and their frame is small, therefore they have a small, slim, petite body, but it's not for everyone. If you are taller, you naturally have more 'mass' which means your weight will naturally be higher. So if you're trying to get down to a certain weight or look like a petite celeb, that is just totally unrealistic, and also pointless. Being tall doesn't mean you're big. If you are tall, you can still have an amazing body that suits you, small/petite/slim is not the only way to look good. You should never aim for a goal weight, because as mentioned, your body may not be built for the weight you want. You could get down to that weight, but your body could look a bit odd, simply because you have lost too much fat and muscle tissue. Instead, you want to keep working out, training hard, eating right, until you look in the mirror and are happy with what you see. Your body isn't like a hairstyle - you can't just walk into a gym and say "I want to look like him/her!", because it doesn't work like that, everyone is different.

A lot of guys would love to look like Dwayne Johnson, but unless you are fairly tall with a wide frame, that's another unrealistic goal. He is tall, and has always been 'broad', so adding a lot of muscle mass doesn't make him look 'out of place', his size completely suits him.

Expecting too much too soon is such a common problem, and it causes so many people to quit. The best transformations I have seen have come from UP Fitness, but they work their clients harder than anyone, and they get great results, fast. BUT, they don't take a weak, skinny or fat guy, and turn him into Jay Cutler in 3 months, that is physically impossible, but many guys think that results should come a lot faster than they do. If you train right, eat right, are strict with your lifestyle, then you can get a very impressive transformation in a relatively short space of time, but you have to stop expecting too much too soon.

Some people put on muscle faster than others, some people burn fat faster than others, everybody is different, but the most important thing is to learn about your body and its limits. Once you figure out what your body responds to best, then you can expect faster results because your're going to be training right for your body. But some people will still expect to much too soon, and that's where they will 'fall down'.

If you have unrealistic goals or expect too much, then you're really going to struggle to get anywhere near where you want to be. Relax more, stop worrying about getting in shape in a matter of weeks, and enjoy living the fitness life!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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