Core150 StackPack review

Today I received my belated birthday present, the Core150 StackPack. Why did I want this? Well, I will tell you. 

Since setting up 'Lee Gregory Fitness', I have done so much research into what I will need in the future, and one thing that I couldn't seem to find, was a functional, trendy gym bag that can also accommodate work things (such as a tablet, files etc). I knew I would need two bags - one being a normal gym bag for clothing my gear, and the other for my work. I then stumbled across a Facebook post from the Core150 page. I have already purchased their awesome shaker, and absolutely love it, so I was very intrigued to see they were bringing out a bag.

This isn't just any ordinary bag. This bag holds one shaker, 4 of the shaker's storage compartments, two meal pods, room for your tablet/laptop, files and any other bits and bobs you may need with you on the go. One thing, (one small thing) that I noticed straight away, is that they put 'padlockable' zips, which is a must when storing gadgets and private files (BIG tick right there!) That was one thing that many other bags I came across didn't have. The bag itself feels incredibly strong and robust, but yet soft. It's not flimsy, it's not weak, but it is a soft material that when you pick it up, you know it's made well. It's like a German car - you know it's build to last!

I can see myself using this product everyday. When I have to go and see clients, I can safely store all of my work, supplements and a meal or two, in one secure, convenient bag. This bag won't appeal to some people, but it's not just the 'fitness guys and girls' that will love this. I showed my brother the bag when I pre-ordered it, and he thought it was amazing, and he works in an investment bank (completely 'non fitness') but yet he thinks it's great. People in offices could have their tablet/laptop, work files, and any supplements/snacks they may want during the day.

I was very surprised at how attractive it is. It's very well put together, it has a simple yet stylish look about it, and it's the sort of thing other people will be jealous of. Take a normal holdall - not usually very attractive, the top always 'sinks in' because of the basic design, and when you're walking (or running for a train!) the contents inside gets shaken about, and it's very easy for things to get spilled. With the StackPack however, everything has its place, and it's all secure, so nothing is rattling about or supplements being spilled, or risk of your tablet screen getting scratched or cracked.

I know for a fact that this bag will make my life so much easier when it comes to being 'on the go'. I am so glad I pre-ordered this, and it has far exceeded my expectations. Core150 are not a 'one hit wonder', their shaker is the best, and now they have brought out the StackPack, incredible!

I highly recommend anyone that is on the go and into health and fitness, wants a functional bag, to go and buy one of these! You won't be disappointed!

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