More than nutrition & workouts

When it comes to fat loss or muscle gain, most people just think of it as 'workout and eat right', but it's far more than that. 

Whether your goal is to shed fat or build muscle, both are lifestyle choices, meaning that there is more to them than eating right and training. Let's look at fat loss first.

I always explain to my clients and others that losing fat and becoming healthy isn't a chore, it's a lifestyle choice, and a dam good one. So in order to be slim, fit, strong, healthy, you must change your lifestyle. Yes, working out and eating right are two extremely important things, but you have to make other changes as well. Going by experience and people who I personally know who have changed their lifestyle, these things could be - changing job, mixing in with different people, ditching those people who are a negative influence on you, clearing out social media and starting fresh (a surprisingly 'big one' these days...) getting into a routine (breakfast, pre-made lunch, shopping regularly, fresh food etc etc) sleep (make sure you get enough, and good quality sleep). You get the idea. All those little things add up and give you a better life. It reduces stress, you're happier, more comfortable with yourself, and many good things can come your way.

With muscle building, things are a similar, but slightly different. If you are serious about packing on muscle, then you do need to be strict. I know a few bodybuilders and they often use lines such as - "sometimes you don't feel like eating that extra meal, or getting in the morning workout, but you just gotta do it, simple as". You know that if you put in the work, even at times when you don't want too, you will get that bit closer to your goals. Missing meals, missing workouts can really hinder your training. Same goes with your nutrition. You have to get the right nutrition in your body at the right times - two important ones - pre and post workout. I can noticeably feel the difference if I don't have my post workout shake (I have missed it a few times), So I try my best to get it in within about half hour. You have to be prepared to pre-cook your meals, freeze your meals, food prep, shop regularly, cut back on other things in your life in order to afford the 'muscle lifestyle'. A lot of guys can't do it, and it's because it is really strict. But as with the fat loss way, all of the little things you do, will all go towards building a more muscular physique. You can do all you want in the gym, but if you don't do other things outside the gym, you won't meet your goals. There's a saying (that I can't remember where from) that goes - "it's the little steps that clime mountains". That fits in here - its the little bits that piece together that enable you to reach your goals.

Well, just a quick post today, something different, but something I believe is very important. Have a great evening, super weather down south right now!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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