Mobile phones & the gym, do they mix?

You can't pop down the shops without seeing people using mobile phones, they have become a part of our everyday life, but do they mix with gym?

I myself love my phone, and it helps me tremendously with my work, but they can be extremely distracting. Back to when I started secondary school (11-12 years old) mobile phones were virtually useless compared to today - you could send a text, make a call and play snake! (great game). But now, you can call, text, email, browse the web, shop online, instant message, play advanced mobile games, control other devices with them, use them as a decent camera and video camera, conference calling, video chats, the list just goes on. I did read a study a while back to do with phones, and apparently people 'did nothing' on their phones for an average of 2 hours per day. This 'nothing' could be looking through your photos, contacts, app stores, functions on the phone and so on. So, pointless usage really. It has even gone into gyms - the amount of times I used to see people sitting on a bench using their phone instead of working out, was insane. Nowadays the app stores are flooded with fitness apps, so people are on their phones in the gym (or working out elsewhere) even more, but is it worthwhile or pointless? My opinion is that using a mobile phone when you're working out is a waste of time. You WILL get distracted, you could even lose motivation because of being distracted, which will lead to a reduced workout.

I personally use my phone when working out, for one reason - music! I don't own an iPod anymore, or any other mp3 player, so I use my phone. Sometimes I switch off my data, so I can't get messages/emails, which works. I have been there and done it though....When I was younger, I used to train at a local gym, and I did used to text and that during my workouts, and looking back now, I can see how stupid it was. My workouts were no way as good as they are now, and I do regret doing it. With the fitness apps, I'm just not a fan to be honest. A lot of them are so basic that you don't even need them. There are a few out there that are simply just a digital workout log, which saves you having to take your notepad, and they are good. But those that say things like - '10 minute workouts for a flat stomach' - Shut. Up. ! They are pointless, do nothing, and simply distract you from your (pointless) workout. Ditch those apps, get a trainer or learn from others, and train hard. No 10 minute workout performed a couple of times a week will get you a beach body. For that matter, no app will get you a beach body! If it did, personal trainers would no longer exist.

When you go to the gym, you want to be 'pumped up' and ready to train hard, not worrying about who's gonna text you, or even worse...... DO NOT stand in the gym, taking selfies! you know who does that? morons, that's who. The gym is for training! not for taking pictures of yourself and acting like some fitness god. That is another downside to mobile phones in the gym. If you are someone who likes taking tons of selfies, leave your phone in the changing room, otherwise you maybe tempted to show how vein you are. Lots of people who are in shape take pictures of their physiques, and that is fine, but not in the gym!

Well, those are some of my thoughts on mobile phones and the gym, I'm sure the 'phonaholics' will disagree, but end of the day, you go there to train. If you're on the phone or texting whilst 'using' a piece of equipment, prepare to have some very bad looks from people wanting to use it!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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