Today I want to talk about something that is classed as a supplement on many websites, but its not a supplement like zinc or iron. What I am going to talk about is a mass gainer. This is primarily aimed at people who want to pack on size and muscle, so if you're into fat loss, then this is not for you.

One problem that I come across with clients and see over social media, is people saying they either cannot afford the food to put on size, or cannot fit the meals into their day. It is a common problem to be honest, and if you have a busy work life, you can't exactly say to your boss that your going out or going home to get something to eat so you can progress with your body transformation. This is where mass gainers are great.

Lets get down to it - what is a mass gainer? It is simply a big shake, containing carbs, protein, healthy fats, and any other ingredients you need (glutamine, bcaa's, creatine and so on).These shakes are high calorie, ranging from around 500 to 1000 calories. I have seen a couple on the market that is 1200 calories, but you need massive shaker, probably a blender to be honest!

Some people simply find it hard to put on size, there can be a number of reasons for this, but one that I have come across a lot is a super fast metabolism. So having a mass gainer shake once or twice per day can very easily add a lot of good calories into your diet and give you the nutrients you need (on top of a good, solid diet!!)

I have used mass gainers myself, and still do on and off depending on my day. They are very convenient, and there have been times where I haven't been able to have an actual meal, so having the mass gainer pretty much replaces that missed meal.

What to look out for?

Take a few minutes and look at the nutritional content, you don't want a mass gainer if the protein isn't that high (you can always ask the brand for the percentage of protein too!)/if there are way too many carbs/if the fat content is too high (and you want to check what fats are in it)/make sure the carbs are mainly complex (you don't want, for example, 80g carbs with 70g coming from sugars).

My best advice is to look at a few, don't just look at one. That way you can see what other brands offer and compare the nutrition and price of a few brands. I do recommend mass gainers, they can really benefit people who live hectic lives or find it hard to put on size, or simply find it a struggle to eat a lot of food.

As always, nutrition comes first, don't just rely on shakes!

I recommend the mass gainer from Hench Nutrition, great price, good content, super service! Use my discount code too - HNBKHM1H 

Have a great Sunday, I'm going to go relax and then watch Lewis Hamilton hopefully win the Canadian Grand Prix!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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