Is the microwave healthy?

One extremely common appliance in the kitchen has to be the microwave. I own one, my friends own one, pretty much everyone owns one, but is it a healthy way of cooking food??

What food is mainly linked with microwaves? pre-prepared microwave meals. They aren't that healthy are they.... they are usually fatty, a fair amount of simple carbs and little (poor quality) protein. So cooking those meals in the microwave, doesn't mean microwave cooking is bad, it means those meals are bad. But you can cook all sorts in the microwave - fresh food, frozen food, even just warming something up.

Most food has its nutritional content altered when it comes into contact with heat - whether its in the microwave, boiling, in the oven or on the stove. A lot of people know that boiling veg loses some of its nutritional goodness, but as with other cooking methods and other foods, it all changes slightly. Top nutritionists and trainers advise people to cook food in glass bowls/dishes in the microwave. This is because the plastic/paper type containers that a lot of microwave food comes in, can leak unwanted chemicals into your food, which can be far worse than losing a couple of vitamins during cooking!

There are lots of ready meals and singular items that can be cooked in both the oven and the microwave. I have read many articles stating that cooking in the microwave is better because its in heat for less time - which can lead to less nutrients being lost. If you have the option for a 5 minute microwave cooking time, or 25 minute oven cooking time, not only can you eat sooner, but you you will also lose less 'goodness'. But then some people say that the way microwaves cook food isn't as good as in an oven. I haven't read that many articles from nutritionists/scientists saying that is true, so to me it is okay to use the microwave - I personally use one, but usually if I'm short for time. My honest opinion is that I prefer the taste of food after it's been cooked in an oven, but each to their own I guess.

There are many people out there that hate cooking, and just want their food 'now' - the same as having fast food. So if the only way you will eat healthier food is by using the microwave, then that is better than not at all! The microwave does provide awesome convenience, and I guess that's it's attraction.

So, I guess its up to the individual, me? I prefer the taste of oven cooked food, but the microwave is great when I'm short for time. But just watch out for the containers supermarkets put food that can be microwaved in. Also, stay away from ready-meals, they really are not good.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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