Holidays and weight

This question has been put to me a fair few times now, so I wanted to do a blog post on it. Many people go on a 'crash diet' leading up to a holiday, but then let it all go when they get there. It is hard to keep a good diet on holiday as you are there to have fun, enjoy yourself, to do and experience different things and so on, but it can be done.

It does depend on where you go (cheaper resorts will have poorer quality of food, better places will have better quality), but you can still make the most of whatever situation you are in. My first tip is to always try and eat fresh food. If you are going to an island resort, they will no doubt have fresh seafood which is awesome. Tropical places will have amazing tropical fruit (one of my favourites) and you can eat plenty of that! If you are going to a place that has a different culture, why not try some of their 'home grown' food? I went to Singapore once, and ate things that I couldn't even pronounce!

I know it's tempting to eat loads of bad food and drink lots of alcohol (depending on your age and what kind of holiday you are on). But try to resist it a little bit and remember why you are on holiday - to have a break, relax, recharge your batteries and to have a good time. What is the point in spending your hard earned cash to sit by a pool, eat tons of junk and get drunk? you can do that in the UK. You just want to space things out - have a few drinks in the evening if you wish, but make sure you hydrate with lots of water throughout the day (heat and not enough water combined with booze is not a good combination).

With regards to exercise - some people will happily go for runs, bike rides, swimming etc, but that's not for everybody. How about trying some fun exercise? jet skiing, scuba diving, hiking (site seeing), canoeing, and any other activities that they have on offer. This way you are having fun, trying something new, and burning calories without realising it!

You just have to be sensible really, don't go overboard on alcohol or bad food and eat plenty of fresh fruit and food. If you spend your holiday dehydrated, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, you will feel sluggish, and that will be a waste of a holiday.

If you are having a holiday this year, try some of these tips! and have a great time!

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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