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Today I want to briefly talk about the use of supplements, rather than a supplement in particular.

Many people who want to gain muscle, tend to head straight to the whey protein isle, which I can understand, but there is so much more to muscle building than whey protein. Supplements are most common among those who are looking to build muscle mass, increase sporting performance and bodybuilders, but they can also be used to help fat loss.

What supplements you use all depends on your goal. If you want to build muscle, then there are a ton of supplements available, but not all of them are good. My best advice is to treat supplements the way I treat nutrition - keep things simple (don't buy every supplement out there!). The main ones you want are - pre-workout supplements and a post- workout supplements. These will help you get the best out of your workouts and then aid your recovery.

Too many people seem to rely on supplements way too much. I have always said you should make sure your nutrition is as good as it can be before going into supplements. The word itself gives it away - 'supplement', meaning you add them to your already good diet. If you simply rely on them too much, you won't reach your goals. This is because if you neglect your nutrition, no matter how many supplements you take, the 'garbage' that you eat will outweigh the good you are doing in the gym and your supplement intake.

As mentioned, supplements are primarily used for muscle building and sporting performance (sports such as rugby, NFL, cricket, football), but they can also be used for fat loss. What is the one thing you need for fat loss? (among other things of course...) You need to have intensity in your training - supplements can help you with that. There are pre-workout supps that can give you a 'boost' in your workouts - therefore burning more calories and lowering your fat percentage. Also, by being able to recover quicker after your workouts, you can train more frequently - shedding more pounds. It does depend on your goals, but supplements really can help you and take you to that 'next level', but only if you use them correctly.

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